Predictions for 2009

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Probably belongs in the NAAFI, however:

    2008 has been a year of much change for the military, and indications for 2009 are that there will be much more, particularly with the revised op laydowns and pressure on the defence Budget. My personal predictions are:

    Scope for pay rises likely to be tight with a knock-on effect for pensions.

    Defence recruiting will meet all of its targets.

    The RLC will complete its transformation into a Corps of Transport with a single primary trade of Driver and with all other trades falling under a spec qual banner.

    Armed convoys to be formally re-named as Combat Logistic Patrols.
  2. EURO € everywhere
  3. I predict that I will become 33.

    I predict that there will be another Christmas next year.

    I could go on.....but won't.
  4. 33? 33 stone perhaps. :roll:
  5.'re right.......33 stone :roll:
  6. I predict a riot??

    Predictable I know so I'll get my coat.
  7. i predict lots of waanking
  8. I will lose my job in a beer/nakedness/boss interface
  9. Bowman will work?

    Nah let's not be silly
  10. I predict that James Shortt, Baron of Castleshort, will be found to have been a truely heroic military figure and that all criticism of him will be unfounded. :salut: :king:

    I also predict a Total and Everlasting Peace in the Middle East and the End of All Diseases. :clown: :clown:
  11. I predict a terrible flu epidemic will wipe out 99% of the world and a small band of hardy survivors will come together to attempt survival against extreme difficulties such, including a devastating shortage of champagne and a strange bloke with a shotgun.

    Or was that something I saw on the telly.
  12. Business as usual will go on in Washington DC and all the folks who voted for change will be crying about it...
  13. LSA will become untaxable... nah wait we still have a Labour Gov! I would go for a general erection in Sept 09 but then again I would know I am GB
  14. Maddie will be found.
  15. 1. Gordon Brown will be replaced by a virtually blind one eyed monster that throws vast amounts of money away. It also won't be able to hear any critisism of the Labour party (all hail the mighty party, blessed be its name).

    2. Nobody will notice that No.1 has happened.