predicting fitness?

Hi all,

I'm an old knacker (41) and will be starting my TA training next year (RLC). From what I can gather, at the end of my training I need to be able to do 40 press ups in 2 minutes and 37 sit ups in 2 minutes, both of which I can do easily. The 1.5 run I can do in around 11 minutes which, so I'm told, is fine as the time required is age-adjusted (12 mins being the maximum allowed).

So, my question is - is my level of fitness ok for the other fitness tests I'll need to do? I know you can never be too fit and I intend to keep working on my fitness (especially getting my 1.5 mile time down) so I just want to make sure I'm not going to embarass myself. There was a huge spread of fitness levels when I did my selection so it's difficult to judge.


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