Precor stepper with the green lights

Anyone use one of these? It is called something like "C476" and the lights are bars showing floors per minute going left to right. It is one of the ones where you are trying to keep your body up taking explosive steps, when you increase the workrate the steps fall faster and you have to hit them harder. You can cheat by holding yourself up on "A" shape arms and flipping your legs beneath you pointlessly.

Anyway, I'm the only person in the gym who uses it, so does anyone else use one and what can you do :D

So, without cheating, ie hands forward and weight back, at lunchtime I set a new PB - 270 floors in 30 minutes, 3 minutes at 10 floors a minute, 3 at 8, five times through. So nine a minute average, but a bit harder because done as intervals. I reckon I might be able to do 280 if there was money on it.

[If anyone can do, like, 350, don't tell me - I'm not sure I'd recover from that kind of crushing blow].
Good effort, there is one in my gym, I think I'll have a go tomorrow.
It's a really funny action that takes a couple of minutes to get used to. I had to constantly tell myself, "Stamp to keep yourself up, don't try to press the steps down. They fall at a constant rate for any given level".

Once you get the hang it is a lot like riding a racing bike - if I put my hands close together, sit back, and stick my arse out it feels exactly like pushing a big gear with a slight tail wind on the bike, and when I go out on the bike there does seem to be a lot of crossover fitness.
This machine definitely overstates workrate at the lower levels. I'm just back from 20 min at average 9 floors a minute, only I did it as intervals, 6 on the recoveries, 12 on the efforts.

It was no harder than a steady 9. The 12 feels like 33% harder than 9 (at least), but no way is the 6 2/3rds of the 9 (or, indeed, half the effort of 12 floors a minute).

So the calibration flatters people at the lower levels of effort.

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