Precision drill? - British soldiers can do better I know

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Benjamin1876, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Link?
  2. Norwegian King's Guard - simples
  3. Hey cupoftea - cant understand why it does not work for you, I just clicked on the link I have included in my message, and it came up for me, check your computer, does it need a service
  4. To StickyToffeePudding, thanks fgr that, thought they looked Scandinavian, but not sure, and the flags behind them were a bit confusing,

    Now give me a link to one of the great British Regiments performing even better than these northern blokes, so that I send it to the USA to skite about how much better the British Army is than those vikings or whatever
  5. Jacko:

    Not sure why anyone would think they are British when the caption at the top in Portuguese says that they are the Norwegian Royal Guard.

  6. Careful - you don't want to p1ss off their Colonel in Chief. See link

    Nils Olav

  7. We havent really got any military organisations that do that sort of thing, there are these lot though, a bit like majorettes with rifles:
    QCS - Majorettes with rifles.
  8. This mostly for DavidBOC, but for anybody who can help me - I dont think anybody in this thread has made a mention that they thought they were British. I cant read portugese, I only speak Strine and cow french, and can only read English

    So I could not read the gobbledegook at the top of the page, nor could I understand the orders being given by the parade commander.

    But I would like it if somebody could add to this thread a link to a British Regiment performing precise drill so that I can send it to our friends in the USA who seemed to think this one they sent to me is the ultimate in drill perfection. I have watched Scots Guards, KOYLI and even an artillery regiment on a parade while in Malaya in the 60s, and my own unit, I thought, looked better than the Norwegians, and I have seen better drill on the Tattoo on TV from British and Ghurka unitsbut I am biased anyway, and would really like to see a link, if anybody can give me one, to show my American friends that the British Army is better, I cant find a link to an Aussie unit on parade to show either, so would welcome any help given - Please.
  9. Jacko - closer to your home check out the Lochiel marching drill team from NZ.

    For top quality British military drill search for videos of sovereigns parade, trooping the colour, or I very much hessitate to say the Queens Colour Squadron. But as these only use sequences of official drill movements, which were at one stage of some practical use (although the QCS stretch it!) they tend to be a bit dull compared with the more elaborate coreographed routines of strange movements some civvy and foreign teams use.
  10. "We havent really got any military organisations that do that sort of thing, there are these lot though, a bit like majorettes with rifles:"

    I heard that they are a bunch of top blokes, however I might be a little bit biased..................................

    Now I'd best f**k off and bull some boots......... sigh
  11. Jacko:

    I'm sorry. Reading in a hurry I saw "Im sure there are British units" and misread it as "I'm sure they are..."

    I am septic and we are notoriously bad at languages. I did have Latin and French in school and Irish Gaelic for a few years plus picked up a bit of Italian from the in-laws. Never studied Portuguese but with Latin and my small bit of Italian I can pick out some Portuguese. Helpful as the city I work in has a lot of Portuguese immigrants. My cleaning lady is Brazilian and my late lamented spaniel learned Sit, Lie Down, Get Down and Beg in Portuguese. My cats would find it demeaning to respond to human commands in any language.

    Again, being septic sort we will have to rely on our British friends for information on British drill. At the end of the Gulf War, when the wife was coming home (USNR activated and deployed) we met in London and I saw the Irish Guards on March 17th when HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother went to a barracks (Chelsea??) to present shamrock to the Irish Guards. They looked pretty sharp.

    I think there are sort of national styles. I have always been impressed with the USMC drill team and the USA guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns but others might not be.