Precis for L85A2 IA Stoppage Drills

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Born_Again_Stab, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. I have my WHT coming up on the next TSC (A) weekend and we only get to learn the IA drills that very weekend prior to the WHT; so I was hoping for a heads up prior to training.

    Does anybody have a pdf or doc containing the exact drills?

  2. Check PM's
  3. Nothing in my Inbox, fella! I've tried logging out and back in again.
  4. Check now, sent again.
  5. Nice one! Thanks mate! :D
  6. There are 234568 different drills to learn....

    Only they seem to be different everytime I take one? :)
  7. Hedphelym, any chance of sending one over my way matey??
  8. Yep. You will find roughly 5,542 variations on the Obstruction stoppage drill alone.

    Murray, seen. Check PM's.
  9. Ah well. The SASC. Won't be seeing any cuts there, will we?
  10. I am just joining up again (TA) after a 13 year gap, although I can still recite the SLR drills by rote in my sleep I cannot remember much about the SA80 at all.

    Could I trouble you for a copy too please?

  11. Remember to make a visual inspection of the chamber before re-applying the magazine - safety fail!

    If you can get hold of a PAM5 in Unit, it's all in there.
  12. Making sure that its the 2009 Pam 5 of course, Cav, it's odd that particular phrase is only in bold and not red!
  13. Same here after 17 years....

    I think a good deal of it is to do with the fact that the controls on SLR were so much better laid out although why it had no last round hold open device was a mystery. The hole was there, just the dowel was missing. Easily remedied ;)
  14. Stoppage Drills for the L85:

    Gun firing, Gun stops. Drop L85 pick up AK47 Gun fires for years without stoppages :D
  15. Don't call it a gun! *Slap*