Prebooking Airport Lounges whilst travelling Economy

Discussion in 'Travel' started by muscat_diver, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. My company policy is Economy travel under 6 hours, so most of my Middle East travel is standard fare. However I often end up at airports for long periods waiting for flight connections and not unnaturally would like access to better facilities and perhaps internet; free food and beer. I have heard that there are ways to access airport and some airline business class lounges through debit card ownerships etc. I have also heard that lounge access can be prebooked for a modest fee. Can anyone give me more information on any schemes I can subscribe to or is this another urban myth?
    Thanks in advance,
  2. My company's policy is to make you turn up at a desolate shite hole in Oxfordshire 13 hours before the flight and sit around in a big, uncomfortable shed with a few broken vending machines and some space invaders games from 1983 being patronised by YTS rejects from Primark who are masquerading as RAF Movements Staff. After several hours of aforementioned patronising, and having checked your passports and ID cards at least 12 times, you will be told about the inevitable delay to your flight and be allowed to wait around some more.

    Therefore, you can shove your Airport Lounge up your hoop.
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  3. Join the airline's loyalty card scheme. After a couple of months regular travel you should easily be able to get Silver status and thus get access to their lounge.

    Just make sure you fly on the same airline or its network partners to rack the up miles.
  4. AmEx ownershp used to give yu access to lounges in one or two places.
  5. ...having checked in three days previously in another big uncomfortable shed with even worse facilities. In a different county.
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  6. Looks like you got preferential treatment - there's no mention of South Cerney. Posh git.

    Actually, almost the full Brize experience can be had by booking the Servisair Lounge at Heathrow - it's awful.
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  7. Been there, done that, and I'm fact did it again in August. BZZ can **** off. I love Business Class
  8. I am very grateful for the advice. Airport Angels and Priority Pass look similar and are priced in the same bracket. I will have a dig around their websites and see which is the best value / has facilities at the airports I use most often.
    Dread - you are right; airline loyalty is good but the introduction of budget airlines such as FlyDubai and Air Arabia have all but scuppered the loyalty route for my type of regional travel.
    Right will crack on and have a look thanks again for great advice
  9. Fly Dubai.....


    Having said that, they shit all over Ryan Air.
  10. My Santander bank account gives access to business class lounges. It costs £20 a month but included other things such as car breakdown still a shit bank though.
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  11. Same as, except my bank is shitter than yours. A Barclays premier account gives you Airport Angels as part of the package. There's no requirement to pre-book, just show up and sign in using your membership card. If I remember correctly you're limited to 10 visits per calendar year.
  12. Western thyanks very much I will give either the Marhaba or the International lounge a shot on 10th Feb when I take a KLM flight back to UK. I will try to find which lounges the skyangels type give access to a carry out a recce. Currently in KSA and taking Fly Dubai back to DXB at 8 in the morning - early morning Dammam airport for breakfast not appealing
    Best regards