Pre WW1 Service Graves


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During the Opium Wars the RN buried some of its dead in "Grave Island" in Dinghai harbour, Chusan (near Shanghai). The CWGC only came into existence after WW1 and before that our people just got buried wherever (except in the RN case of those who went over the side in their hammock with the last stitch through the nose, or less formally were just heaved out of the gunport to get them out of the way in the middle of a battle). Does anyone know of any sort of register of pre-WW1 Service graves? Is there any known organisation that deals with this?

NB Servicemen who were buried overseas between the two world wars are not listed by CWGC either, even if they have CWGC-like stones probably erected by the Regiment. examples in Ramle cemetery, Tel Aviv.

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