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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 570mils, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. I have a sensible question, and yes I know this site is not the best place for that.

    A friend of mine is currently serving in warmer climes and had a concern as to the level of training they had received prior to their tour.

    They are non-infantry and carry out a supporting role to many other units efforts. Trying to keep PERSEC under control here.

    Can anyone advise me what may be the minimums of training required for a TA soldier deployed in a non infantry role prior to an Operational tour.

    I am trying to put their mind at rest as they feel they have far less training than other TA soldiers deployed alongside in the same roles, comparisons of pre training show huge differences and that has raised the question.

    Many thanks for any sensible answers and begridging thanks for the sarcastic ones as well.
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    My uncle and i deployed on telic 6 at the same time, both going through RTMC at the same time, although going to different units at different sites. I was going in an inf role, he went in a supporting medical role. After the two weeks at rtmc, i went on for a further 7 weeks of dedicated inf stuff. However, he went on for i think a few days optag, then he was off!

    Does your friend deploy on the ground ever, or is he purely a remf (no offence intended)
  3. i deployed on telic 8. After the initial 2 weeks at RTMC doing ITDs we all split to our relevant units.
    I joined a loggie unit and spent 6 weeks in germany prior to deployment learning and doing the role for which we were being sent to the sand to do.
    I do know of other guys that got 4 weeks off prior to the leaving for the sandpit, so in answer to the question, different units do varying buildup training prior to ops. Just depends who you go with and when you get to them.
  4. But it must be said some regulars are exactly the same, ITD's with their units, OPTAG and gone.

    TA soldiers are not given a lower level of training, simply a level similar or the same as they unit they are deploying with.

  5. SHE is a REMF but has deployed on the ground with the inf.

    Seems ITD's and OPTAG was the limit but little or no support or pre tour training with her own unit considering they have had people deployed on all Telic Ops since the TA got involved. A wealth of experience and little of that value put to practical us for newer members deploying.

    Many thanks for the sensible answers here and pm