Pre-Tour rituals? Do you have any?


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I was just sitting counting my pennies jar out when I wondered if any other arrsers have a pre-tour ritual?

So far, for the last three tours I've been on, in the final week before deploying, I count out my pennies jar, and spend every single coin on Dominos, eating only Dominos for the entire week, and taking great delight in paying the delivery guy £25 in 5p's and 2p's.

I've just counted out about £140 so far. Poor bastard's in for a shock. :)

So what do you tend to find yourself doing every time before you deploy?
I'm sure there are far more exciting rituals than mine. :D
I really should get my eyes tested. I could have sworn the first line said you were "sitting counting your penis jar out" Been on a bit of a genital collecting binge then? :lol:
Going AWOL.

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