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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Strike, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. My unit is off to Afghanistan in April and weve all been given some "pre tour leave". now can anybody tell me, is pre tour leave a sort of bonus/nice to have leave or does/should it come off you annual leave entitlement?

    problem 2 is that with this new JPA business it seems that just like payday the sprogs cant budget there leave and go sticking it in whenever they like, clearly theres a managment problem because some of them have no leave left, so when it comes to pre tour leave weve been told:

    1) if you dont have any leave left or not enought then you will still get 2 weeks off

    2) if you do have leave left then you must fill in a leave app and it will come off your entitlement!

    seem that the top just dont like the idea that some of us cant get our holidays in and will have to carry leave over, currently weve all been granted a long weekend, fri-mon off, a nice 4 days off but again, those who have no leave can just have 4 days off where as the rest of us have had to submit a 2 day leave app. :x

    so can anybody tell me the official line on this?

  2. As far as i was aware, and im no expert, pre tour leave is extra, and doesnt come off you annual leave entitlement.
  3. Why post this?

    You already know the answer to the question "What is the official line?".

    But, you are correct, grant days should be across the board.
  4. No such thing as Pre Tour Leave. It would be Grant Leave.
  5. i said i was no expert! ill get back in my box, (but is it the same principle?)
  6. so it seems that those who have already taken their leave will be given grant leave and those of us who have not yet had our entitlement because weve been too busy will have it taken off our entitlement! :x pi**es me right off.

    i think next year ill just bang in all my leave entitlement in ASAP, then when it comes to standowns ill have non left and just have "a few days off" im ranting.....i need a brew!
  7. No, as said, im not an expert, but the grant leave should be given to all going on tour, regardless of what leave you have left i the bank
    (standing by to be corrected by monkeyspanker...)
  8. Yeah, caffeine helps with that! :wink:

    You would like to think that because JPA will carry over 15 days ALA, they would have given you the Grant Leave.

    From their point of view, they're just making sure that everyone gets a bit of time off prior to the 'Gan.
  9. Wouldn't dream of correcting you, old chap! :wink:
  10. i agree, and so they should, but somebody up there does not want anybody carrying leave into next year and therefore sees this as an opportunity to reduce our ILA.

    it doesnt look good when blokes are carrying forward 15 days per year, i know one lad who as we speak still has 30 days left!! he carried 15 on into Apr 2007 and has only just used them, as yet he hasnt even touched his 30 days 2007 allowance.

    regardless, i was under the opinion that all pre tour leave was grant leave, why should i have it taken off my entitlement?

    well, enough ranting! i dont suppose ill get anywhere.