Pre TELIC 3 kit issue

I've just received my pre-TELIC kit. I have to say the Army has done a great job. No. Seriously they have.
I've now got:
Hi-Tec Magnums (Desert Colour)
2 Sets of Dessie Combats (Incl Field Jkt & Hood)
4 T-Shirts (Nice thin ones)
An Alladin thermal mug
Softee Jkt & Trs (Reversible!, pukka kit)
A big black bag, with useful carry straps and a daysack too, both with desert covers.

And some other stuff too, but I think you get the picture.
Obviously it would have been nice for the blokes to have had this stuff on TELIC 1, but better late than never eh?
Nige, delighted that u are happy with your kit and, finally, we seem to haver got our shite together. Better late than never? Well, maybe. The real annoyance for the worker bees on TELIC was not necessarily the fact that they did not match the local flora and forna but that the real necessities that would have enabled us to the job that bit more efficiently were not even on the original phantom kit issue. Goggles and shamarghs (essential in sand storms) were an after thought. Hopefully, experience and the prospect of another 10 years in a desert environment will improve the system!! we can but hope.
As well as the goodies mentioned above I have been issued a 3 Litre Camelback and a softie sleeing bag.

The Chancellor must be feeling very generous!

No sign of goggles and shamarghs but then we can't expect everything.
I got goggles and sweat rag and some porn style 70 sunglasses
and desert shorts pro boots and desert boots softies everything i could possible want loads of kit more money than i derserve free drugs and a machine gun and loads of mags what more could a stab want?
Er...RQ' have you got a signature for that man's kit? :?
very similiar just right to hide id in dodgy german houses of ill repute :D not that i know anything about that . ohh and they gave me
£420 just to turn up. must be a down side to this army lark
oh guess 6 months in a sanger probably
Good to see that the army is finally getting its act together. Fortunately when I deployed on Op Telic 1, a decent amount of euipment was issued. Some regiments were not so lucky. It certainly would have been nice to have had the softie kit and would have saved me a fortune. :roll:

Any Ideas why the army has bought and is issuing this kit? Could it be that they don't want a repeat of the media attention it drew pre-war. Remember the complaints in the tabloids!!

Drawing up even more sandbags, during the 1st Gulf War, no such kit was available, with the exception of desert combats, boots and sunglasses. 8). There may have been more, but I can't remember!!

Still........good to see
All just part of the ever improving fluffy Army we are all now part of it.

But really the kit was put together by evaluations and comments from the troops and the top brass selected the most frequently items of kit purchased by your common squaddie and decided to cough up. Yes most likely to stop a press back lash but who cares if we get hold of it.
The bizarresst thing I got on TELIC 1 was the nice thin t-shirts, in a lovely dark chocolate brown colour!!! What freaking idiot picked them?? Somebody, in Bicester most likely, knowingly placed an order for approx 130,000 (45,000 on TELIC times 3 each) brown t-shirts in various sizes to be sent where the sun most definitely shines! Next time it effing hot and sunny, stand in the sun in a light coloured t-shirt for 1/2 hour, then try it in a dark T-shirt and you'll see what I mean.

I submitted an EFR, as is my right as a user of kit, for 9999 (the highest number that'll go in a 4-digit box, otherwise I'd have done it for 130,000!) chocolate brown t-shirts. I await a response either officially or in this forum from "someone in supply".
Mrs Mushroom took one look at those nice brown T shirts and consigned them to the polishing the car bin.

At least they fitted - those nice people at Chilwell issued everyone on my call up with small NBC suits. Even allowing for the 'God awful new ration pack shrinkage effect (as much as you can eat but so vile it made pot noodles almost acceptable)' not one man had a suit that fit.
Can anyone advise as to the current KIT scaling for troops deploying on TELIC ?

would save some work for yours trully!

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