Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DM-TS, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. going to Chetwynd barracks, chilwell tomorrow for pre-selection. anyone else going? what do you need to take with you?
  2. It's a bit feckin' late to be asking that sort of question NOW LOL


    good luck with pre-S - you're gonna need it by the sounds of things !

  3. What is pre-selection?

    Why are you going there?

    is it optional?
  4. I had to do one but it was at chepstow. Its more for the recruiters to check your fit enough for adsc i think.

    Take some water but wouldnt worry about anything else.
  5. yeah working nights has fcuked up my organisations skills something rotten. i was told an array of running gear, money for a coffee, and your consent form. seems a little skimpy for the army.
  6. pre selection is to see if you are fit enough to go forward for selection i think.

    as far as i am aware its not optional, my recruiter stuck me in for it as soon as my med docs were handed over.

    he probably sending me there cos he thinks i'm a chunky munky who can't run for poo unless there is a big mac at the finishing line (which by the way, if there is i am faster than usain bolt :p)
  7. aaah, the 6 'p's and 1 'u' all-time favourite quote
  8. It's actually the 7 p's..

    Just the filter changes p!ss to piss
  9. got it all sorted, rang up my recruiter who promptly realised the 2008 'berk' awards were on their way to his front door. good to go now, beast this tomorrow and then onto interviews!
  10. for anyone who is going to pre-selection anytime will do your 1.5 mile run, heaves, sit-ups and jerry can walk. hope this helps.
  11. Dont forget push ups...
  12. I thought it was PREPARATION and planning, but i'm just a cnut! :D