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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by angel_eyes_368, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi all

    Just looking for advice. I started my application end of Sep 2010. Since then everything has gone smoothly and I'm at the pre selection stage. However, I don't feel quite ready. I really want to nail everything rather than go and not feel quite there.Im still quite slow on the run it's at 13 mins and I want it to be down to 11 maximum. I work hard and do quite a bit of phys but my upper body strength def needs working on too. They seem to be rushing me :/?

  2. I take it your female? If you are my office asked for girls to be at 12 mins, so with a few weeks of smashing the training you could be there quite easily. Whens pre-selection?
  3. Yeah I'm female. It's 24 January. Really not sure what to do I guess I just wanna give it my all :) bet you cannot wait to start :) well done
  4. Thanks yeh very close now :) Between now and the 24th if you hit the hills I reckon you could knock a minute off your time. Find something which is reasonably steep sprint up it for 40 - 60 seconds and jog down and repeat as many times as you can, works grand! good luck
  5. Thanks for the advice really appreciate it. Rubbish thing is I live in Cambridge which is as flat as a pancake! Will find somewhere. How was your pre selection?
  6. We didn't really do pre selection just a run for the recruiters to see where your at before they move you onto the interviews. Selection itself is actually really good, the 1.5 actually isn't really the hardest IMO, more the gym session the night before, if you are going to Pirbright your in for a treat haha
  7. Yup that's where I'l be going :p thing I'm not looking forward to is the icebreaker even though there ain't much to worry about! Good luck with all your training bet u just wanna crack on now. Not long! Thanks again
  8. Everyone worries about that honestly it's nothing just be confident :)
  9. Completely agree, you will hang out your arrse for at least 45 minutes!!! The 1.5 mile is only 10 or 12 for females(reasonable times and targets).
  10. I suppose I can only try my best!
  11. You got a good attitude, im sure you'll come away with an A grade.
  12. You could try searching and not double posting!
Thread Status:
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