Pre selection.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Dammj, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. Do you attend a pre selection before the two day selection of your applying for the signals. or does everybody do it.
    i know some careers offices do not do it.
    but i searched this and only people in the infantry seem to have done it.
    my office is based in grimsby if that helps :lol:
  2. 1. Search the bloody joining section.
    2. It's not relative to the trade applied for.
    3. Ask your bloody recruiter.

    Infact, disregard and just ask your recruiter from the off, he's the man with all your answers.
  3. i did search.
    it is related.
    and im not going to see my careers guy untill next week so i thought i would post it here
  4. Attempting to join as a siggie and you aren't even fecking aware of a phone?
    You also clearly didn't search hard enough.
  5. yes i am aware of a phone. i dont have my recruiters number !
    and yes i did. i found that it mainly infantry that whent to it but some people in trades went as well !
  6. Thought about finding your recruiter's number? Tried looking at paperwork given to you? Tried the listing on the army website?

    Feck sake, I'll bite. If an AFCO does a "pre-selection" then it is invariably mandatory or at least heavily encouraged to attend, it's also for all candidates irrespective of job choice.

    Next time, do the work - and if you must ask, ask in the bloody joining section.

    P.S You're cruising for a slap with that sig. "Love Airsoft. Who Dares Wins"
  7. Dammj - I don't know the answer to your question, 'cos selection and training were quite a few years ago for me - sorry.

    GrizzlyPanda if you do know, why not tell him? If you don't then why not leave the thread until someone who does can help? I don't know how long ago you joined, but it isn't too much for a youngster to ask a question without getting his head ripped off.

  8. Cheers Don.
    It doesn't matter what GrizzlyPanda says. everyone at some point has to take a few comments now and again. Im sure he gets a few thrown at him aswell