hey, ive looked everywhere for this question but couldnt find it,
i should be going to pre selection in colchester after my med forms are back i was just wondering is it a pass/fail sorta thing and what things do you have 2 do to pass??? i no everything u gotta do to pass adsc just cant find anything about pre selection just looking for someone whos been?? thanks :D
I did Pre-Adsc in Ripon yesterday.
It is a pass/fail thing, they want to make sure your fit enough to go all the way to ADSC, because in my case if i wasnt upto standard and they paid for my train to Scotland and i failed its a waste of money, so i think thats one of the main reasons.

Things we had to do:
- Jerry Can walk
- Heaves
- 1.5mile best effort
- Team tasks x3
- Icebreaker

You dont get your results there and then, but you get feedback on your icebreaker, and the results go directly to your recruiting office the next day so i should hear good news today.. i hope!
You should know that it differs between AFCO's, so it's hard to say what you'll be doing unless someone who has also done it in Colchester. I did mine in Manchester, Agecroft and we did:

1.5mile run best effort + warm-up
Max push-ups/Max sit-ups in 2 mins
Jerry Can walk
Heaves best effort

that was it. All the physical stuff basically, no team tasks or Icebreaker.
True, well soldiergirl, you should be given a pre-adsc briefing and written confirmation of your date and times etc, within this will be all the tasks you will be doing :)
From what i gathered the one i went on was a pilot run as they were talking about changing the timings around etc
ok cool, thanks for that.. im just waiting for my medical, i think ill do pretty well its just press ups i cant do any! sit ups i can do easy... mile and half i think ill have that sorted by the time i get there, im doin a mile in 7 minutes atm...but im working on that everyday! thanks again....
A tip from someone who failed preselection...Make sure you start doing an 800m fairly rigorous warm up. Me and another girl who ran it at preselection were shattered after the warm up as it seemed to be paced by the fastest lads rather than the PTIs. By the time we got back to the start of the course we knew we'd find it hard. The warm up is 800m. That makes the entire run 2miles.
totally makes sense mate, you need to be doing 3 mile runs at least and just for the record Pre-selection is NOT pass or fail it just allows the recruiter to assess if your likely to pass ADSC, if he deems your not ready he wont send you ;)
The 800 metre warm up should be completed in 6 minutes, for some that are not used to running that will feel like a beasting :D

The 1.5 mile or 2.4km is then a best effort.

It stands to reason that if you want to get the run time down you need to cover the same distance :)
Punk_trooper. If you fail PREADSC you dont go to ADSC so how is it then not pass or fail?
Jack89 said:
Avante said:
Punk_trooper. If you fail PREADSC you dont go to ADSC so how is it then not pass or fail?

as you can still go to ADSC if you fail pre selection.
Not at my AFCO you can't, they treated it the same as ADSC. People who failed had to re-attend pre-selection/fitness test in 3 months time, only if they passed then could they be given a date for ADSC. Things are changing now with the amount of recruits, the army is taking quality, not quantity.
As far as I was told when I did Pre Selection at Ripon, you fail pre selection, you go back in a months time, fail again you get another chance. Fail a third are defered for 12 months. Therefore it is pass or fail...
i was told is wasnt pass or fail just a best effort, if your best effort isnt good enough you dont go on to ADSC, every AFCO works differently i suppose :p

For example: if i had got above a time of 10:30 at pre-selection my recruiter would not have sent me to ADSC even though the infantry time is 11.45, therefore i have passed not failed but my best effort was not good enough to be put through to ADSC.
I got 11minutes and 3 heaves on my pre selection and my sgt was happy for me to go to selection with those scores for the Grenadier Guards, but i've booked myself on another one on the 27th August, and then the real thing for 14th september, happy days :D
the main one soldiergirl that people struggled with on our pre selection was the jerry can carry...
if people failed that they were not allowed to continue
Our AFCO won't send anyone who can't do at least 30 press ups in 2mins and at least trys to do pull ups. Not a problem for most but alot of the women struggle to do them. You could do the run in olympic times it doesn't matter.
We only did a run on my pre-selection
I passed pre-ADSC and failed to get the nod from my recruiter for ADSC. The pre-ADSC staff were happy with my run time, my AFCO was not, bottom line listen to your recruiter for the times/push-ups needed, he is the one who will send you ADSC and should know if you will pass or fail.

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