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My son has pre selection on 12/06 - 9.45 until 12 noon. Any ideas what this will cover? All other stuff on pre selection seems to be half day at least? Thanks.
brief, 1.5 mile run, jerry can walk, pull ups, debrief. I know it shouldn't take 2 and a bit hours but there's usually 30 or more there.
When about does your AFCO carry out pre-selection? I know it probabaly differers but I have my barb in a week and 2 days, roughly when do you think they will wanna do it? Just so i can keep training.
littleladybird98 said:
It must differ. He has BARB on 16th and his pre selection on 12th. Submitted application for AFC on 29th May
U handing in the completed forms on the 29th or you walked into the AFCO first time on the 29th? Sorry for the questions mate just curious.
Im the same did my pre-selection before my barb and lit/numeracy tests, got my med form squared away by the doctor took it back in person and got it sent away, it came back fine and dandy only for my recuiting Sgt to say he had forgot to request something so now I have been waiting since 29th may and am sure im caught up in the several thousand back log of applicants, but anyway it's given me a chance to train hard and reconsider my first three options.

Pre-selection as described above and to be quite honest is nothing to worry about.

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