Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by daddypops, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. I have noticed a lot of people mentioning that they have been on pre-selection before the ADSC. What is this and does every new joiner have to do it.
  2. It does what it says on the tin, it gives you as an applicant an idea of what lies in store at ADSC and it gives the recruiter and idea if you are ready to pass ADSC.

    However not every office uses them, some use the insight courses to send applicants on for 4 or 5 days, some dont use it at all but it is a useful tool for assessing whether or not an applicant is ready to go to selection :)

  3. What five said.

    Only thing I dissagree about is the party of giving you an idea of what lies at selection. I found my preselection thing nothing like selection. Just the run and jerry can the same. I found selection completely different to what I had been explained.
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  4. From my experience, its just a day where they go test you on certain aspects of selection i.e 2.4km run, jerry can's, heaves, icebreaker.

    However they do certain things which arnt in selection i.e press-ups/sit-ups. You need to pass these test when you get in anyway, so its defiantly worth training for it.

    Believe me mate, if you can, stick yourself on one, I was very very unfit when I first went, eventually got through and now im confident for selection.

    gdm.bizkit, what you mean you found it completely different, just due to the multitude of different things you had to do? a girl who was on my Pre-ADSC said that it was harder than ADSC due to all the phys been bunched together in one go. Would you say this is accurate, or?
  5. My pre selection was half a day and we did:

    - 2 mins press ups (best effort)
    - 2 mins sit ups (best effort)
    - Pull Ups *Heaves* (best effort)
    - Jerry Can Carry
    - 1.5 mile run
  6. am doin my pre selection this friday they said its gonna be
    pres ups
    1.5 mile
    jerry can carry
    and it depends on the careers office u go friend didnt do it he is goin straight to ADSC
  7. I now passed ADSC but found the half day pre-ADSC useful.

    It doesn't compare to ADSC just gives you some practice for the tests. On my pre-ADSC we did the Jerry can carry, run and heaves.

    Positives I took were

    Getting used to the handling and pace of the can carry.
    grip and technique for the heaves.
    starting then running in a group
  8. There is one alternative option, if you know a PTI you can have him time you doing a 1.5mile run and then email the result to your recruiter.
  9. I found my pre selection a bit of a pisstake tbh. Only done the 1.5 Milerun then Jerry cans straight after. Was under the impression there was going to be alot more in it to prepare for selection. No team exercises, no testing of lifts. Just basically checking if you are "fit enough" and not even properly. Yes it had to be passed, to get to selection. But it no where near prepared me for selection.

    Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed selection apart from all the waiting we did for certain things to start. Appart from that it was a very fun and interesting two days. Good insight into what other people have done to prepare for joining and good to see a certain level of discipline. It was tough, but rewarding.

    I was the last person to come out of the interview(last to be taken in) and the feeling of walking out with the certificate and job offer in my hand was amazing.

    Get yer pre selection passed, get training so selection isn't to difficult and you will enjoy it.
  10. Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this in, but i dont want to start a whole new post.

    Just wondering how long averagely you have to wait between passing the medical ( forms sent by GP) to attending Pre - ADSC / ADSC?
  11. There is no definitive answer to that mate. It's all down to your recruiter and how he works. For example some of the people on my pre-ADSC course had ADSC the week after and had never done pre-ADSC before, yet my recruiter would not let me go to ADSC till I did well on pre-ADSC.

    However, from what I have seen on this site, the average seems to be 3-5 weeks for the medical to go through, some shorter, some longer. Bearing in mind this is if everything is fine, I was stuck on my medical for a good 3-4 months due to complications.

    I was booked to go on a pre-ADSC course 2-3 weeks after my medical was confirmed. So, depending if you have had your second interview or if your recruiter wants you to go to pre-ADSC before putting you in for ADSC you will be waiting a while.

    However I can say that after passing Pre-ADSC things have gone really fast for me, I passed it last week, had my 2nd interview today and they reckon I will be going ADSC 1st/2nd week in May.

    Hope this answers your question mate.
  12. Ok thx for that, its just last time my medical took 5 months so i ended up staying in school, just want to get the best picture of when to apply so i know i can definatly join the army but i think i will apply know as soon as my fitness is up to scratch!
  13. Hehe, defiantly not a bad choice, when I applied my fitness was terrible and was up until I did my first Pre-ADSC, big eye opener for me. Hopefully though mate if it took 5 months last time, it wont take anywhere near that long this time, good luck! :)
  14. Anyone going to Robertson Barracks 20th?
  15. am i the only person to be having my 2nd interview BEFORE the pre adsc?