Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mrtickle, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi.
    I have just been told i have to do a pre-selection day next week in leicester. Has anyone been on a pre-selection course and if so what is it you do. Is there anyone else on the course next week?
  2. Hi.

    As far as I know, its just so the recruiter can see that your able to do the 3,2k run before sending you to adsc.

    Best of luck mate
  3. Just the 1.5 mile run, maybe jerry cans if your lucky
  4. u do all the same stuff as selection! its like a mock selection! if u pass it they send you to the real thing!
    u will do and ice break(stand up and chat for 2 mins),1.5 run and jerry cans and maybe team tasks
    its fun! but ur not there to make mates get ur head down and work hard and ul get sent to selection with the next week or 2! gd luck guys!
    if u fail u just go again next week!
    but if u got to the real selection centre and fail u cant go again for 3 months,thats why they send u so that they are sure at selection u wont fail!
    hope that helps
  5. Ive been twice and didnt have to do the ice breaker or any team tasks. We only did the run, heaves, sit ups and press ups.

    Was a good day though.
    As said above, keep your head down and work hard.
  6. There is a small chance that I will be at that one to but I'm not sure yet.
  7. hey u will maybe do ice breakers and team tasks and jerry can it all depends were ur office is! if they have the stuff or the can be bothered! hahaha
  8. Just out of interest guys, how heavy are these jerry can's? I got told to fill buckets of water up to practice, but how heavy are they, like average?
  9. 20kgs each
  10. sounds hard but it aint! just keep ur back straight! stick ur chest out a bit and dont lean forward wen u walk! honest its dead easy!
  11. Yeah i pick up a really heavy tool box anyway, 20kg each aint that much, i can manage that unless they slip out my hands, like if you do it straight after running ur hands will be slippery lol.
  12. hmm 1 in each hand = 40kgs

    What trade r u going for?
  13. Infantry