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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by freelanc3r, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Got a call off my recruiter today, seems like I've been waiting forever since the AFCO has been closed for Xmas/New years.

    Medical documents were all fine and cleared by HQ and I've been invited to pre selection at Stafford on the 23rd of this month.

    Pretty damn excited for it, been training hard and this gives me a clear goal and date to work even harder towards.

    Bit of a long shot but don't suppose anyone else is doing their pre selection at stafford this month? Or would anyone like to share pre selection experiences?

  2. I was meant to go 23rd cant make it so im going 30th instead to stafford so you will have to tell me all about it

    what regiment you hoping to join
  3. Sweet mate, goodluck with it. I'll let you know how I get on.

    3 job choices will be:

    infantry with the mercian regiment
    royal artillery observer
    tank crewmen

    how about you?
  4. paras
    artillery crewman
    and tank crewman

    they kinda forced artillery on me as there wasnt much else to pick from
  5. ahhh yeah, with artillery everyone joins as a gunner then you choose to specialize in the different job roles in phase 2 my recruiter told me.

    why wasnt there much to pick from? get a low barb score?
  6. nah i got 68 so had alot jobs available but he was mega rushing and i said paras first he put it as second i said an armoured crewman but he put me as recon tank crewman which seems the better job more fast paced

    im holding out for paras though if that fails ill change to mercians and recon tank as my choices that id go for artillery i really dont want to do
  7. Fair enough mate I got 57, said nearly a jobs were available to me except for RMP. How come you don't want to go artillery?

    good luck for the paras, just work on that fitness.

    I just hope waiting times for some of my jobs aren't stupidly long. As I'm in my last few months of college which my recruiter knows so.

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  8. thats a decent score. I ended up with a score of 57 and most jobs were available to me except for RMP. Good luck with the paras though, just keep working on that fitness. I haven't been asked by my recruiter to shortlist any jobs yet but as pre-selection is coming up i'll have my icebreaker, so I'm learning about the 3 jobs I want to do now religiously. In my last few months of college atm so hopefully there won't be a massive wait for Gunners when I finish (may). As that will be my first choice I think.
  9. Btw, just had my paperwork through the post from my AFCO about what will be going on at Pre selection:

    Here's the day:
    0900-1000 - Collected from stafford train station
    1000-1030 - Initial Briefs and use of equipment
    1030-1045 - Weighted can carry over set course/time dependent on job
    1045-1100 - Introduction to pressups. Then a 1 minute best effort on pressups
    1100-1115 - Introduction to situps. Then a 1 minute best effort on pushups
    1115-1130 - Power bag demonstration. (students will not be required to lift power bags)
    1130-1215 - 2.4km Best effort run. Decent training shoes are essential
    1215-1245 - Break
    1245-1345 - Stand and talk/Team tasks.
    1345-1415 - Course debrief

    Hope this helps
  10. haha same mine came today are you going in a suit and taking clothes with you ?
  11. I was thinking that yeah, on the sheet it says turn up in a warm tracksuit but then contradicts itself saying treat it as a job interview... just don't want my suit to get creased for when we change back into them for the debrief/icebreaker
  12. yh does yours say 1 min pressups and sit ups but later on says pullups instead
  13. I'd say you've got a two out of three chance of becoming bum chums then!
  14. Il be going harrogate though and him i presume not at he is at college
  15. That fucks that one then.

    Pen pals maybe?