pre selection result?

hi names andy im new to this..had pre selection yesterday and went well overall...passed everything icebreaker went well was confident during... wrecked my ankle 2 weeks prior to this genuinely and instead of cancelling i rested and ran it.... i normally run around the 9.30 mark but got 10.39 in pre selection... i understand my run time has to be less than 12.45 for the royal irish regiment i picked as my first choice but with that run time that i got will i advance to adsc??? any hepl appreciated to put my a sum sort of ease .. :)
yeah should do, the people at pre selection will tell your recruiter if they think your ready to attend ADSC. Make sure your run is under 10:30 for selection though.
ye hopefully.... is there a certain time i need to have completed it in or is it the basic 12.45 for pre selection...i am confident ill be hitting the 9.30 mark for selection IF i get a date for adsc...just hope that run tme was enought to get me into selection...10.39,,nyone else get a run time around that?

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