Pre Selection Question?

Hey all, ive done my Pre Selection last week on the 14th, the recruiting staff havent yet contacted me if i passed or not, shall i wait it out or shall i phone the ACIO ?


You must dial 999 immediately

Scream "chip pan fire, I'm burning", trust me, its a code word

Put the phone down, all will be sorted.

Errr, alternatively, phone ACIO.
How did your preselection go? Unless you gave the recruiters serious concern (ie a diabolical runtime, no pull ups and cant carry the jerry cans), you shouldnt have to worry.

But call in all the same.
Rang up lunch time ish today, found out i Failed...Been told It was Just my Run Time & heaves so ive been booked in for 5th may to retake it...I got 5 heaves and a run time of 11.16. My recruiter told me to do 10 or more heaves and a minute off my run time..Been training on My Upper body & my Running.
Best of Luck

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