Pre-Selection/Insight Chepstow

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JokerR, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Anyone Gonna be going to Chepstow on the 29th for pre-selec/insight?

    I'll be there, Joining QDG, had my 2nd interview today, waiting for a date for ADSC :D
  2. I went to the one in Chepstow on the 15th, good fun. Just remember to sprint for the last big of the run, you can breath later :D

    also, take a small water bottle, and take it with you when you leave changing rooms, you have to put it by the finish line but its good to have it there as you don't go back to your stuff till the end of the day.
  3. i was there on saturday the 15th aswell. it was a good day.
    passed it and now have interview on wednesday the 26th of this month. cant fecking wait.....

    just remember to keep you mouth shut and listen.
  4. Thanks Chaps, will do :)
    Whats the run like? How much uphill ect ?
    At the moment the first half mile of the 1.5 im running is uphill and it kills me.
  5. true story, when the pti says "any questions" don't say "what's your favourite colour" then laugh when he says 10 pushups, doesn't go down well :D

    run is on flat road, its a lot easier than running by yourself as you have people to pace against, don't worry about being first just don't be last and sprint at the end.
  6. Thanks :D
    The main problem i have running at the moment is pacing myself, i tend to run too fast and get out of breath
  7. Anyone going to be there 11.01.11 for pre selection ?