Pre Selection Help?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Wilsonbed, May 3, 2011.

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  1. So iv done all the other stuff, my BARB Chosen my Choices (Paratroopers, MED TECH, And lastly Yorkshire Regiment) But im going to York some day soon for my Pre selection. Iv been told you have to run a mile and a half in 10 and half minutes. I have recently quit smoking after 6 years. And my stamina is not the best. If i cant run the mile and half for any reason... i think i will be able to just mayb not all in one if you know what i meen. Like i might have to stop to regain my breath for a minute, But if i cant run it at all then is it an automatic fail. Iv applied to go to Harogate and im only 16? Any help would be apreciated
  2. Nice try, that actually made me giggle.
  3. i dont understand? i joined the sight for help? All i want to know is i can do all the other tasks with ease just maybe not the run will that meen i will not pass?
  4. If you stop and walk on the run its an instant fail.
  5. Thank you thats all i wantedto know im gunna have to train a lot more now :) To the gym
  6. Running in the gym is like swimming in the bath. Don't be such a girl, get outside and do it properly.
  7. iv noticed on a lot of threads your quite... Harsh? I can understand it if your in the army but All th People i know in the army are happy chaps what crawled up your arse and died?
  8. Eat pies mate. Lots of pies and fatty food. Start now.This stored fat energy will give you the stamina to complete the 1.5 mile test with ease. In fact the morning of the test-about ten minutes before- eat three Mars Bars for an energy boost. Whatever you do don't drink any fluids beforehand as the sensation of "wanting to go," half way around will put you off.
    Good luck!
  9. Please, please turn up at Harrogate. I know loads of people dying to meet you.
  10. If your talking about Sandmanfez then I cant understand why you think that is harsh....he is totally correct what he is saying about tread mills being a waste of my advice would also be to get out on the road training.

    It is also called a bit of banter and I can guarantee he was being very nice to you compared to if he was in the NAAFI.
  11. ? I dont get it :?

  12. That! young fella, is exactly the point - you don't get it, to think that you can tip up, start the run and stop for a breather 1/2 way round is a little naive to say the least.