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I have just been called by my careers guy asking me if I wanted to go along for a pre selection day, I said yes straight away as I thought it would be a bit of fun and just give an idea of what happens on the actual selection weekend. BUT now I think I was too hasty, he says 4 of us are going from that office and we will be doing all the things we have to do on the selection weekend and competing against others. I was expecting to go to selection next year and altho I am training I have only just started so Im not that fit, my running time is crap and I cant do more than 20 press ups and they are not great, I cant do one pull up!!! I can do 50 sit ups tho..... Will I be judged on this and is there much I can do to improve, I am going on the 20th, any help and advice would be great please...
Also has anyone been on one of these days and can you tell me whats its like
Ight fella

Yeah i have been on this pre selection up at lichfield before i had a date to go on selection on the 29th of this month. Basically the pre-selection is just a gauge as to what level you are currently working at and these are ran to make sure you know what to expect upon arrival at your ADSC,also to make sure you are ready as the recruiter does really want to send an applicant straight to selection if they are not 100% that they will pass. As to your fitness i shouldn't worry to much, just focus on running for the time being as at the pre-selection you have to do a 1.5 mile timed run, you will also be required to do a 150m jerry can walk and heaves aswell as an icebreaker. All in all it is fun day and enjoy it. If i am right the course is run weekly, so even if you do not perform well you can still return at a later date and show your recruiter that you are ready for selection.As to your fitness and upper body strength i cannot suggest to much if you are trying to improve by the 20th, but keep on getting use to running 1.5 miles and once nailed increase distance, i too was in your position but keep workingat it. Any more questions just ask.

Good Luck pal.

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