pre-selection day training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hills540, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. can anyone tell me what happens at these days?
    will i be doing a 1.5 mile run?
    will i be getting assessed on anything?

    i can do the 1.5 in <12 minutes so thats not an issue.

    the only thing im worried about is pull ups as i cant do more than 5 at the moment as i havnt been working on them so far (my main focus was getting the 1.5 mile run done)

    any help is appreciated
  2. Pull ups are best effort. Well thats what everyone is saying so just make sure you blitz everything else like the run, push up, sit ups.
  3. is the pre-selection day just there to farmiliarize yourself with the requirements of the selection day? and does it matter if you do s***e on the pre selection?
  4. any other replies???
  5. Bahahahaaaaaaaa
    It's an issue.

    Aim for under 10 minutes.
  6. iv only just started training, for maybe 2 weeks or less. my careers adviser said i should be doing it in 12 minutes.
  7. When it came to it, i had done no phys for about 3 months since my selection, on my first run, did 1.5 mile, and did it 11:50....cant complain really...
  8. 1.5mile run in under 12mins around the 10min mark would be good you also do a jerry can carrry each weighing 10kg and u do pull ups. with the pull ups its best effort iv seen people go there and do only 1 others upto 15. they wana see the effort you put in and really its to give u a feel and let u no and them what level your at. your tests will be recorded whatever you do dnt stop and walk on the run basically do your best good luck
  9. ... What's "pre-selection"? New one on me. I was straight into Selection without any prep other than my own training.
  10. its a day thing they do at a county barracks if ur uncertain or border fitness requirements or just to get a taster i had to do it after i broke wrist
  11. 1.5 mile run, pullups and jerrycan carry is all i did at mine
  12. Oh, ok. Thanks for the gen, Ice.
  13. The pre selection day that I tried to get a lot of my applicants on was a day run by one of the AYT's. On a few occassions I took a minibus down or a lot of them went by train to the barracks ( I went so I could see my applicants in action).
    First they did the pull ups (three attemps at best effort full straight arm pull ups)
    Then they did the 1.5 mile run after the warm up which in a lot of cases the I can do it in 11 minutes turned out to be 13-14 minutes ( this helped though to show people what level there at and how much the half mile warm up takes out of them).
    They then went to lunch to see if they could master Army food.
    After lunch it was onto ice breakers where you can see how the applicant react under peer pressure followed by a couple of team tasks.

    This wasnt pass or fail but each applicant got a report back and I or the other recruiter saw the applicant in action.

    We then could get the applicant in for a chat afterwards and discuss his/her weak points and delay or put them in for interviews. An excellent tool really which also went on the interview and a course report was faxed down to the PSO for the ADSC interview and in about 90% of the cases meant a pass at selection.

    It gave me a view of an applicant and the applicant a taster for Army life and i had a few afterwards decide to withdraw from the system when they realised what Army life was like.

    I reccomend it if your ACIO can get you on a local one.
  14. yeah it is a good thing to do 'iron' im way down south i attended exeter barracks for pre-select..... i think people find out alot and get some valuble experience of whats expected
  15. same here :D