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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by CJohnson, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Absolutely bricking it and I don't know why.
    I've heard a shit load of rumours and been told what I believe to be a load of bollocks from my recruitment office.

    This selection and being accepted onto my phase 1 means the absolute world to me, and I can NOT fail.

    I've been told that a lot of lads get denied because of the run times on selection, and that they're absolutely brutally critical about everything.

    I'm currently doing 55-60 pushups in a minute or just over.
    About 50 sit-ups in a minute or just over.
    I run my mile and a half in about 10:30
    My upper body strength has always been my strong point, and I reckon I'll piss all over the jerry can test.

    I've watched a load of vids, documentaries and read all sorts on selection, but I want the truth.

    What are the chances of not being offered a spot in P1 training?
    Does it really matter what I say in the icebreaker? I figured it would be mostly to judge my confidence.
    Is it a good idea to show up for my selection in a suit?
    What kind of questions do they ask in the interview?

    Cheers in advance for any replies.
  2. what i have heard, defo wear a suit , and apaz if you dont get at least a B these days theres no point waiting for that call lol , look on the ADSC thread alot of info on there!!!
  3. I thought they offered you a place at the end of the interview if you did well?
  4. I've got selection coming up soon mate. I'm worried but don't worry pal it'll be fine. You wanna look to be getting 10 mins or below on the run, everything else you'll piss on son.

    Just train hard, make sure you got the motivation. The thing I do before a run is listen to the reg you wanna joins march or band. That gets you fcuking buzzing for it pal.

    Best of luck pal, maybe we'll be on the same selection.
  5. haha i listen to the american airbourne rangers marching chants, even get myself involved when noones around ;)
  6. Honestly don't know if I can manage it in under 10 minutes. It takes me 5 minutes for the first 3/4 of a mile, but then my pace slows and I end up getting around 10:30. I spose on the day that will improve.
  7. as long as you get under 10:30 i think its ok
  8. There's a lot of people in other threads saying I should do a bit of research on different jobs for the interview in selection. Any idea why? I know I want to join infantry, I'm not interested in engineering or med tech or anything like that. Do I HAVE to have a trade? Also, how am I meant to know which battalion and regiment I want to join?
  9. Lads. Just do your best. Be keen. Don't be desperate. Try hard and listen. Keep a sense of humour and help each other out whenever you can. Ask questions if you are unsure. But don't gob off-speak when you're spoken too.
    Oh, and all of you WORK ON YOUR PHYS!!

    Good luck!
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  10. Can only echo what's been said before, and on other threads. Work hard, train hard and perform well. Keep a sense of humour about you and give everything 100% do not sit back on anything. Everyone worries about then run, just train hard for it. Look at the ADSC General Chat thread, the fitness thread and anything else you can find in the regular soldier recruiting section. Best of luck!
  11. Honestly pal, do a bit of research on all the regs and roles and job available, you only wanna do one thats fair play! But know the ropes. I wanna do Para reg, Rifles or 3rd choice fusiliers. You should have good brain about all of your choices! Its all on the army website pal

    And as for the run, a lad of your age (im assuming 17 to 21 ?) should be able to smash a mile n half in under 9 let alone ten.

    The best thing to do pal is not worry, give best effort the hole weekend! If you're hanging out your hoop pick yourself back up and crack on!

    Best of luck mate.

  12. I'd much rather British reg march's pal ;)
  13. i know same lol but the drill instructers are entertaining, " mad dog !!!! mad dog!!! motivated!! motivated!!! dedicated!!! dedicated!!!"