Pre-SDSR posturing from the Navy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Not content with their long range bombers entering our airspace, it seems those dastardly ex-Sovs are trying to sneak up on our subs:

    Russian subs stalk Trident in echo of Cold War - Telegraph

    Just need a Red Army story for the Land component to conveniently leak a 'non-contact' to the press in order to garner public support for the other two services taking the brunt of the cuts :)

  2. The one on the BBC about the Ruskies buying inflatable dummy tanks probably won't cut it then ?
  3. Fact: Trident is the single most important aspect of our national defence, the russians have always tried that (not saying that it isn't an SDR related ploy i'll grant you)

    It is why we cannot afford to get rid of Nimrod, and why letting the number of boats we have run so damn low is criminal. The V boats need protecting if they are to do their job properly, and we do not really have the assets IMHO to protect them well enough any more.

    Bad times.
  4. The article is, of course, ****. Just for an example, Trident II on the Vanguard boats is the D-5 missile, not D-4 / Trident I. And this:

    I didn't exact guffaw out loud but this is complete crap. Yes, each sub has limited patrol areas - to help prevent, for example, this - but with the range of Trident cf Polaris and post-Major/Yeltsin assumptions about the int warnings and 'notice to fire', there is a lot of raw water to allocate.
  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Look to the FUTURE. What this means is (a) what Astutes we are allowed to have willend up committed to supporting the deterrent and will not be available for anything else, including keeping the plot of what Ivan is up to, and (b) the Vs will have to be replaced sooner, not later with something even quieter. Dithering about the V replacement is not an option. If one day a V fails to return from a patrol it will be too late. And we need to keep rolling out Astutes.

    I would imagine there is some arrangement with the Americans to deconflict our and their patrols.

    As to what Putin is up to today, noone can tell what will happen if/when he pops it (or is popped).
  6. "…While patrolling in the North Atlantic,…"

    Bullshite, no one other than a VERY small number of people who absolutely need to know has a frigging clue where bombers patrol and they absofuclingpositively ain't saying.
  7. "Bullshite, no one other than a VERY small number of people who absolutely need to know has a frigging clue where bombers patrol and they absofuclingpositively ain't saying. "

    Hmmm, taking a wild guess, but could they patrol in the sea perhaps? Not sure how they kept that secret for so bloody long, seemed pretty obvious to me ;-) Oh no, is that the black Omega pulling up outside my door...
  8. I think you are wrong there. The Trident boats do not need to be escorted at all times, all that is required is for a capable (and possibly covert) ASW unit to ensure that submarines of other nations are not hanging around near the places the Trident boats have to transit to get to and from their base, at the time they are transitting. This would not be a full-time job for just one Astute.
  9. Yes they patrol in the sea, and it's a bloody big place, but the idea being evinced in the DT that they are confined to the North Atlantic is BS… all we know is they are 'somewhere', and the someone who knows doesn't tell.