Pre RMAS induction type course

Hi guys, I've just passed my briefing with a CAT 1 and am looking to do my main board in the near future. Without getting to far ahead of myself I'm hoping to make the May 08' entry but am just trying to clear some stuff up. I've heard talk of a pre-RMAS induction type course (not the 12 edu. thing) but the one where the issue you boots, check your still fit and all that stuff. Am I right about this? And if so how soon before the actual start date is it held? I only ask because I'm planning a bit of travelling early 08' and am probably not going to be back until mid-April. Do you think I'm cutting it too fine and should look for the next entry or do you reckon I can make it? Also while I'm posting is there a set date for RMAS starts - i.e. does it normally start on the first monday of the month or something like that? I know I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit but I'm trying to sort out travel plans/dates and need to get a good idea of what to expect asap. Cheers in advance and sorry if this has been covered else where, I had a quick look but no luck! Matt.
You're referring to the RMAS Induction, it's two days spent at Sandhurst, you do a bit of PT, meet some OCdts, etc. The OCAC sets a few dates out for people to attend, and with regards to the January intake, they have a December induction for those who have been busy bees up to that point. I was given the impression that this is the done thing, they generally have a late induction for the busy bees.

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