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Discussion in 'Officers' started by bartzkingx, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. I have just recieved my letter explaining I had passed the AOSB Main Board, but on the letter it said I had to attend the pre-RMAS course in worthy down. I can't find any information on this and wondered if anyone could help explain what it is etc???
  2. B,

    You will find some info here, Pre_RMAS
    As most of the thread says, it is a good course, i myself was on it in 02, prior to Sandbags.

    Also on the internet, PRAMS as it is known.

    If you need any more detail, let me know.

  3. Is it a pass fail type course is it a completion course?
  4. B,

    It's a pass/ fail and you are assessed during the course aswell. At the end you are required to present on any topic that you wish to academics and O/Cdts at RMAS. Also you have to write an essay (2,500 words or more!). It may have changed since i did it, and in due course you will recieve joining instructions for your course.

    It is a very worthwhile course, one that helped me to complete the CC, without it i would have struggled to get through in certain areas.

    Hope this helps,

  5. That's reassuring to hear, considering I aspire to join the Old Eyes/Gobblers/Bill Browns/Dandies and only God knows what other names exist for them (I imagine some incredibly pleasant ones from the side of my family that served in the Lilywhites).

    Though I am hoping that I won't have to attend a pre-RMAS course, (after I have passed main Board that is) it could still be a possibility.
  6. Cheers guys for your help, I'm in agreement with the fact that I think it will help me massively for coping at RMAS.

    One last question though...

    Are you paid when you attend??
  7. No in fact this is my last question...

    If you fail something on the course for whatever reason do you get kickd off or is there a procedure for retaking etc?
  8. mate i did the pods course. (like the prams but for ex soldiers going to sandhurst) and believe me prams is a good course. pods and prams run parallel and most of the guys who i knew on prams did really well at sandhurst... worthy down is a good camp and at the end of the day you get your own bar to run! (PJ's, where legends are made...) go on the course with the attitude to learn and you'll do well. PM me if you want any more details.
  9. Yes, you are paid during the course, not a huge amount but paid nonetheless.

    If you fail any part of the course, you get to re-take that part after more guidance. You wont get booted off the course for having to re-take parts, but if you keep failing, then questions will be asked. As sgnsty has said, it is a great course (probably one of the best in the Army), as long as you go there with an open mind and a willingness to learn, you'll be ok.
  10. Thanks for all the replies, it's been really helpful!
  11. Hi I'm on the PRAMS course at the moment, awesome course lots of fun were off to see swan lake on tuesday. Just keep an open mind and make sure you are fit as it will make it easier. Course staff are excellent and really know there thing.

    Good luck with the course, do you know when you will start?

  12. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    The English writing skills aspect of the course obviously has had no effect!