Pre-RMAS at the Army School of Education.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Flying, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. I didn't even know this was a possibility of AOSB until I got my letter, basically the Board liked me but advised I did the special 11 week Pre-RMAS at the Army School of Education to further my personal development (probably because I'm a 19 year old Non-Grad who's been working in Waitrose) and specifically improve my written English.

    Anyone know much about this course? I'v read the letters and forms they sent me but it doesn't go into huge depth. Also, anyone lucky enough to be starting Pre-RMAS this May and spending 11 weeks with me?
  2. A few people I know have done it and it didn't do them any harm. There's also the benefit of having ready made mates on arrival at the Factory lessening the shock of capture.

    Although don't panic too much about your age, it's not a total show stopper and just cos you're a young un doesn't mean you'll find the course impossible. It's better in fact because you can spend time taking the piss out of grads for being intelligent on paper but somehow completely unable to do the smallest of tasks without monging it!
  3. Not having done the course I understand it's a mix of education, pt, and cultural activities. You don't do any military activity. It's run alongside the POD course which is ex- rankers who have passed AOSB. It's run by the ETS at Worthy Down. The guys I know that did it seemed to have fun and it does allow you to meet quite a few people prior to arriving at Sandhurst. You will get a report but my understanding is that it does not carry over to Sandhurst
  4. Stabtoreg is spot on. In essence the PRAMS course is a 'leg-up' for blokes with the raw talent to succeed at RMAS. If you are week, academically, then you get extra help. There are room inspections, PT and the's a great course which gives you a great boost before arriving in Sandhurst.
  5. Your written English seems to be significantly better than the penmanship of many ARRSErs, including the Officer Corps.

    On the other hand, you may be barely literate and having your posts drafted for you by some flunky, in which case I assume you are a confirmed cadet in the Household Cavalry.
  6. It sounds a good course and if it improves how I do at Sandhurst I won't be able to complain. My written English tends to go to shit when I'm rushing (AOSB Essay), adequate content, shit grammar and no sensicals can be made of it.