pre-release medical/discharge medical

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by stew709, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. just wondering if soldier discharged for misconduct has the right to pre-release medical and also why so called discharge medical was performed 5 months after discharge in civil prison is it legal? advice much appreciated
  2. I would say you are clutching at straws, and if you want a serious answer post full details.

    If you've been nicked and are doing time, your medical at the MCTC prior to transfer to HMP, or the induction medical at HMP will usually suffice for admin discharge purpose's. If HMP have conducted a medical for 'discharge' 5 Months after custody, it usually means that they didn't conduct a proper medical on induction or have lost your notes :)
  3. You have no chance of putting in a claim, you have no reason or grounds to sue. Whatever you are after, you won't get it. Its not like a release medical while you are in civi prison has effected your pension or your ability to get a job is it?
  4. I am wondering exactly what he is trying to ask :?

    Just what have you done to get yourself in prison and why do you want an answer to your question?

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  6. I suspect he is talking a big pile of pooh pooh ca-cacka.

    If he was nicked whilst still in the Army, that would mean a courts martial, hence he would have had to have had a "Fit for detention" thingy from the docs. He would have henceforth travelled his merry way to Colly - where he would once again have been assessed, before he made his wonderous journey to Chelmsford, and once again - had his knackers felt, and if my brother was still there, had a "speshul" meal on his arrival.

    If he is on 5 months into civvy nick, he must have done something REEEAAALY nice. I hope he dies actually.

    That's just my opinion.
  7. Having had to arrange a final medical for a criminal (cos thats what he is now) who had gone straight to civi prison from a civi court I can quite happily state that it does take time (don't know why it would take 5 months though, but its not like you have any pressing engagements is it? How full is your diary at the moment?)

    Before the final medical (no need for a pre release) can be organised your Fmed 4 and iHR will need to be sent to a nearby medical centre (once we have agreed with them that they are prepared to travel to the prison to carry out the medical.
    Arrangements with the prison have to be made too, and usually with the prison medical staff to use their facilities. This all takes time. If, for some reason, your Fmed 4 is not available then there will be delays while that is found. Long term AWOLs will have their Fmed 4 sent to APC, and if you've ever tried to get anything from them in a hurry you'll understand how fast a glacier moves.

    If you went through colly then the above is all bollox and has no bearing on your case. So tell us all the information we really want to know, what did you do? How long did you get? etc
  8. right folks these are the facts ,joined up mid 1985 discharged late 1989 for misconduct posted dortmund two tours n.i . i think somehow this earns me a bit of respect somehow dont u.anyway snco thought it would be fun to use me as a punchbag same old story gritted my teeth and got on with it.while on leave some idiot with 4 arsewipes thought it would be a good end to the night to have a fight anyway the mouthy **** got it from me hence conviction for gbh without intent.paid fine got conditional discharge.soldiered on.back to dortmund snco thought he would try again no chance i was not going to hit the idiot.long story i know bear with me. no let up **** this i said to myself i know where im not wanted.awol again theft of motor ,conspiracy to rob,got nabbed no longer interested in what the army /civil courts did to me had enough.basically from civil police cells to military custody of scots regt near cambridge then onto crown court where was sentenced 30 mths .oh i forgot when i was in colly for going awol first time smacked an officer also made them flap when i culd not be found in guardroom on first night. any comments feel free!
  9. You behaved like popeye & want to pin it on the MOD 20 years after discharge?
  10. So what exactly are you wanting from us?
  11. That is some flash to bang!
  12. yes i have an axe to grind but not with you iwas just asking for info on pre-release/discharge meds and by the way you did ask for more info whatever happened to me can still happen to anybody unless someone fights their corner!
  13. As previously stated no pre release is needed in a case like this, just a final.
  14. thanks for that info time to chase up the delay on the discharge med then
  15. Why does the delay on the discharge medical bother you, especially as it was so long ago?