Pre-Recruit Selection Training Day?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by skin89, May 12, 2008.

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  1. skin89

    skin89 Swinger

    Hi All,

    I am currently in the later stages of the application process, and have an interview on the 16th.

    However I today recieved a letter inviting me on a "Pre-Recruit Selection Training Day" on the 22nd, can anyone shed some light on what this is?

    Thanks a lot :D
  2. private---pile

    private---pile Old-Salt

    i believe it shows you whether or not they think you are ready for selection.
  3. skin89

    skin89 Swinger

    That's what I thought but wasn't too sure and no-one seemed to quite know what it was, even my old man who's in the RRW :p

    Thankyou for the reply mate
  4. Phoebian

    Phoebian Swinger

    I did this the other day.
    I went to Nuneaton, a Sgt talked to us about what was gonna happen etc.
    we did jerry can walk, heaves, mile 1/2 run, team tasks, icebreaker.

    hope this helps.
  5. monkey_wench

    monkey_wench Old-Salt

    Is everyone doing this pre-selection thingy now or is it a select few ACIO/AFCO'S?
  6. Proper_job

    Proper_job Clanker

    select few buddy. just down to them to organise etc. NOT everyone.
  7. taboo

    taboo LE

    My son did this to at chilwell.

    2 weeks later it was 2 day selection,3 weeks after that he started basic.
  8. Jensen

    Jensen Old-Salt

    Jeez taboo that is pretty fast from selection to basic huh?!
  9. skin89

    skin89 Swinger

    Yeah I've heard that it can be quite a speedy process!
  10. Jensen

    Jensen Old-Salt

    I hope I get fast like that too really, my recruiter said "If things go as they should you'll be looking at around September". I'd like to be in July/August, considering all I've got left is my interview then ADSC.

    Some are very fast, some are very slow. I dunno.
  11. taboo

    taboo LE

    Yes was very quick!It would have been quicker to if he had been able to make the 1st selection date.He went for selection on april 21st,recieved a call on the 23rd to say start basic on the 12th of may.
  12. skin89

    skin89 Swinger

    Hi, just thought I'd clarify exactly what the day entails as I have just been on it.

    It's basically a couple of hours to decide whether or not they are going to send you to ADSC.

    Activities undertaken were (in order) ;

    1.5 mile run best effort (with warmup)
    2 minutes of press-ups best effort
    2 minutes of sit-ups best effort
    Jerry can test 150metres

    You can pass or fail both on the run and jerry can tests. If you fail on either then you have to go back the next month and continue with the application then. Otherwise, it's back to the careers office for an interview and predicted date for ADSC.

    I passed, btw =]
  13. ironeye

    ironeye Old-Salt

    I wish my careers office had one going. Thats all I have to say :eek: Night