Pre-RCB Psychometric test

Hoping that somebody can help me. I am soon going forward for my Pre-RCB and am concerned about the Psychometric tests involved. Does anybody know where I can get hold of some examples of the reasoning tests involved, or what sort of questions they come up with?

Thanks in advance!!!


I hope nobody is going to 'help' you here. The fewer psychopaths who slip through the net, the better, in my opinion.

Think about what you're asking: psychometric testing is there to give an indication of what type of personality you have. There are no right or wrong answers, simply lots of statements for which your opinions are sought. For example:

"Sexual intercourse with the decomposing corpses of small children can be great fun". Do you:

a. Strongly agree

b. Slightly agree.

c. No opinion.

d. Slightly disagree.

e. Strongly disagree.
Westbury should send you through a whole booklet with example questions, answers and explanations in it, though I only got mine two weeks before I went.

Oh watch out for the shapes section I took the view it's worth a guess if you don't know it you might get lucky!
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