Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REMEbrat, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Prior to the issue of '90 PLCE in 1990 what was your preferred wbbing set up?
  2. ....and before anybody starts I am not some old fuddy who sits in the corner with my finger up my arrse!
  3. My webbing was '58, belt, yoke, poncho holder, L&R ammo with 3x waterbottle pouches.

    Go '58!
  4. Just want to rack up a few posts really don't you!
  5. Same here although we invariably had a respirator too. Sometimes used a second poncho roll or carried it on top of the rear pouches.

    Bought a set of Arktis gear later and left before PLCE got issued - around 1992.
  6. Set of sass webbing sort of pre plce . 58 pattern was pooh.
  7. ammo pouches left and right, and as many water bottle pouches squeezed on as possible, hated those kidney pouches, far too bulky. Oh and poncho roll hung under the bottle pouches. Only thing i hated about the '58 was when it got wet....
  8. Still got my '58 and I think it's great; at least when it's dry!. What can be packed into the extra perspirator case is truly amazing.
  9. Ammo pouches left and right, one water bottle holding heaven forbid a water bottle and metal mug, 3 other water bottle pouches and a ressy case complete with face welly and finally two poncho rolls one with NBC suit other with aussie basha sheet.........58 patern superb :thumright:
  10. Being a bit of a bloater;
    ammo left + right
    1 1/2 sets of kidney pouche
    water bottle
    2 x poncho roll [1 for nbc kit]
    all stuffed with lots of mars bars and dextrose tablets.
  11. Quick release belt/mix of 44 and 58 Patt.
  12. Still wear my webbing belt with CS95 rig.. :wink:

    A look down memory lane, and why was the "Large Pack" so called.. :?
    You could never get anything in the bloody thing.. :roll:

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  13. Most of our platoon never used the steak'n'kidney pouches. We used to sew up an array of water-bottle pouches instead. It gave a nice comfortable set that kept together. The smaller pouches were big enough to keep related things together, like first aid kit, rations, weapon cleaning kit etc and it worked really well. I got a rollbelt and got the tailoress to sew it and the 58 pattern belt together, so I could fasten the pouches on as normal but could tighten/loosen the whole rig quickly.

    After being so used to it, putting PLCE together for Gulf 1 was like a bloody mensa test.
  14. Roll pin belt, left and right ammo pouch, water bottle pouches (lots of), respirator / nutty pouch, poncho roll underneath for nbc kit and one on top for poncho all with a hippo pad for that little extra touch of comfort.
  15. All of a sudden I feel very old! (sniff)