Pre Paid euro cash cards

In an effort to beat commission and exchange rates am considering using Thomas Cook or Caxton pre paid euro cards to provide spending money on holiday, anyone have any experience of them and the pros and cons?

I've just returned from hols using a Post Office prepaid card, so my experience may not be totally applicable - still, FWIW, here goes -

The card worked very well in France, Germany and the Czech Republic in cash machines. It doesn't have a chip, so it was fairly useless for petrol/supermarket purchases - you need a proper debit/credit card for that (though I found that in Germany, both Visa and Mastercard credit cards were also fairly useless in supermarkets - but usually worked, with a signature, for petrol).

A final tip on cash machines in Germany and Czechia - they tend to be inside the banks. If you want cash outside opening hours, you can often get into the building by inserting your credit/debit card into the slot provided near the door - it spits it straight out again and unlocks the door for you.

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