Pre N.I. MK1 Humber Pig restoration

I put a post in the history section, but im bound to find somebody who knows about these things here :wink:

I recently acquired a MK1 Humber Pig, or a FV1611B (APC with winch) not something that i ever played with when i was in. Its good mechanically, and i have been over it using manuals that came with it.

It was released before N.I. kicked off (1967), so it was never up-armoured or used in N.I.

Apart from its cast date in 1967 at Ruddington auctions, and the Mil reg 05BK61 i know very little about the history of the vehicle, and wondered if anyone here had any pics of them in service, probably between 1960 -1967 or had recollection of them. (Tried getting the history card from Deepcut, but no luck)

I am looking at putting it back to how it should of looked, in service complete with unit markings etc, but they are a rare beast now, most that survived are up-armoured MK2 Pigs which have been heavily modified.
Any takers!

See attached pic of one from a museum..


A picture of my pig, which has been hacked around a bit (The front & rear wings are all wrong) and im not totally convinced about the camouflage scheme either!
Goes alright though, and is great for terrorising ramblers! :lol:


Pigs in BAOR

The page is in German but does show some on Ex in BAOR plus the original vehicle it was based on and the Malkara variant
Hi , I'm new to the forum and just saw this. I used to own your PIG which I sold on to Adam Elsdon who went off to work in the land of the Arabs so had to sell it. He had been approached by an ex-Army lad at a show who said he recognised the vehicle as the one that had come from Cyprus to Northern Ireland and there had not been time to repaint it, hence the sand colour. Also he said the PIG has been blown up by a mine/ bomb under the passengers seat which had killed the vehicle commander.
Of course you hear stories all the time from people who swear they recognise your vehicle often wrongly however this seemed to explain ;
1. All original bolts in passenger side floor were sheared off.
2. No passenger side fuel tank etc.
3. Hull is a bit warped and rear lh door doesn't close easily.
I have a PIG amongst other vehicles and have just replaced the clutch. This is a weak spot even on the lighter MK1s and they have to be driven very carefully. Always start off in 2nd gear and avoid straining the engine by staying in too high a gear and don't slip the clutch as it causes overheating and cracking of the flywheel.This is what happened to mine due to previous bad driving and /or poor clutch adjustment . The clutch plate was down to the rivets and the flywheel was a write -off.
Hope you have fixed the exhaust - Adam nearly gassed me coming back from a show.
best wishes
6 years after the last post in here I'm sure the op is checking on the hour, every hour for new replies
What happened,I thought you were a happy chap now you could post pics? :grin:

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