Pre-joining training?


How much/what type of training did you do prior to joining the TA? At the moment I’d say I’m ok with upper body strength but I’m carry a little extra weight at the moment. I play about 3-4 hours of 5-a-side every week without fail and I’ve just started my running (set out a route of 4.3 miles) which I’ll do 3 times a week also.

Sticking to this amount of running as well as daily press-ups and sit ups do you think I’ll be ok come selection weekend and for joining in general? Going to speak to the TA tomorrow night and get the forms filled in and sent ASAP.


What a lazy arsed answer!!

Ok, looking for your opinions and based on what you done, does my training seem ok before joining?

Would you change/add anything to what my weekly routine includes?
I think what Esel was trying to say was that there are a million other threads very similar to this, dont be lazy and search for them!! It gets a little boring after a while answering the same question a million times.
If you put some effort into your runs, and make sure you're improving your times/reps you can't go far wrong. Search for the Fitness standards which apply to you, and try and attain them before you go.

In almost all selection weekends they'll assess your fitness levels - but they're not expecting you to be a 'Marathon Des Sables' annual winner. Effort, organisation and mostly a motivation to physically better yourself will help you attain and maintain a good level of fitness.

Have a chat to them tomorrow, if you're lucky, they'll give you some good pamphlets on fitness. Or even better ... logon


Well, it sounds to me like you are already doing enough to at least get down the TA Centre and start the process, by the time Recruit Selection and your 1st weekend come around there will have probably been plenty of enough time for you to get your fitnessup to scratch, after your Selection weekend you will know how much work you need to do.

So, tomorrow night go down and get things moving.

Good luck


Thanks for the answers, hope I didn't sound cheeky about being lazed arsed!!

I just wanted a comparison what other folk did prior to joining. Before Xmas I had laid off training so its been a struggle getting myself in gear out running in the wind and rain and trying to beat previous times not to mention blowing out my ring feeling the pressure.

I just don't know what the level at selection is but I imagine lots of chasing your tail to see if you can hack it?


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I visited the 6th Rifles, A coy last night in Bristol to see about joining. I went down and had a chat with them, did an interview, and had a pint with the lads afterwards (who were all sweaty and minging after coming back from their CFT).

The next RSW I can go on is in April, so I've signed up to do that. The good thing is, you should be able to attend the parade nights up until the RSW so they will get you up to the required standard if you are not already. Of course you need the will to do it, but there's no better way of doing it than being trained by a bunch of lads who've all done it themselves.