pre-joining concern.

Hi all, I'm off to ADSC on the 11th - 12th October and my first 2 job choices are REME. I know the budgets are being slashed and redundancies made but never realised the extent of them untill reading some of the posts here. I'm still determined to get in, even though I know I'm facing a long wait for my 2 trade choices but I do have a couple of nagging concerns.
Do you guys think the army is on a massive downhill slope that will only get worse after the end of HERRICK , or does there appear to be a silver cloud in the lining? What do you think the future holds for the corps? My opinion is that civvy street is crap, I'm stuck working a crap job that I detest and can't wait to get in, even with the current situations.
To answer your question come away with a very high A graded IDST score or dont expect to get loaded with a REME trade, the ammount of A grades waiting at the moment waiting to get loaded January onwards with the ammount of places on the RAP means its stiff competition to get a place. CIVDIV is crap and if you are lucky to get a place allocated after ADSC put 100% in and stay in for as long as you can .......once in it will be a secure job for the youngsters.

PS if you do get allocated a place let me know where you work I need a new job in 18 months.
As the Iron said; You'll have job security. It seems the further up the ranks you go, the more precarious things become.
Happily for you though, this will give you enough time to find your feet, once you get in and decide weather or not you're going to try and make 22 years of it!
Who knows what the future holds.
Even though cuts appear heavy, a lot are often the more senior members - closing in on their 22yrs. I was made redundant in 1993 (VE SGT), under the 'Options for Change'. Got a tidy package and pension as if I had completed 22yrs. Importantly I was just under 40 when I left - which I felt important when looking for a job.

It's still seems that a lot of 'back office' staff could be 'trimmed' without getting rid of combat experienced guys.
cheers for the replies. With regards to selection I knew there are a lot of guys with solid scores waiting and to be honest, my run time may let me down a bit, it has come around sooner than I would have liked but I'm training in the meantime so fingers crossed. I'm prepared for a long wait, I can stick at my job as long as I know that it is the means to an end, it's the current uncertainty that's killing me.
Bit more relaxed about it after reading some of these, nice to know that I still have the chance to make a solid career out of it rather than getting turfed out at the end of herrick.
Iron, I'm currently a chef at a chain of asian-themed restaurants (I figured no names here), it's alright if you like that sort of thing but the catering industry is not my cup of tea
I passed ADSC this month with an A and i think i'll be looking at a long wait tbh. I think there are only 4 places in January for my job and another 3 in March.

It all depends on what job your going for too, if its avionics tech or the likes then the waiting list is bloody massive and you really need a very high A to be in with a shout.
All valid points from the lads so not much I can really add. Have you considered perhaps amending your job choice? I'm sure what you are going for is an excellent job choice and will be very secure if you get in....but there are a lot of other trades where your intelligence etc could be readily applied without the wait or the worry?
Well I'm going for avionics/electronics tech so I knew already that I'd need to get top marks to even get on the list. I'm prepared for the wait since my thinking is that I will happily wait a year for something that I will enjoy for the next 23. My 3rd choice is Int. Corps and the DS at pre-ADSC said going from my icebreaker, I'd be a good candidate, the WO1 at my last interview said similar things and I think I'd enjoy it, I'd obviously consider it since it is in my choices. However currently, as gay as it may sound, my heart lies with REME.
There is nothing gay about your heart lying with the REME my friend!!!
There is nothing gay about your heart lying with the REME my friend!!!
I've a bit of a medical issue to get signed off, then going for Int. Corps selection in November, I was told I'm 2nd on the list for Avionics tech but there is a massive lack of intakes. Bit dissapointed that I'd have to wait about a year to get in. I'm looking at more technical jobs within REME and the sigs, so I've got a good few options.
It looks like I'll see seeing you at Bassingborn then mate, I arrive there on the 25th of March
I would definitely consider other trades, my first choice was aircraft tech, but due to a massive waiting list decided to go vm. I've just finished phase 1 @ bassingbourn and have been told that if I show good enough ability in common foundation at phase 2 I could retrade as a air tech at seae. So that would be something to consider.

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