pre-joining anxiety.

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i have been deadset on a service life pretty much since forever - infantry to be specific. so much so i am all prepared to come over to the UK to do it (australian army wont have me but appears you lot would consider it) got my fitness in fine form, money all saved up etc. but as i'm waiting for my visa to come i find myself thinking alot more about the negatives of what i might be getting myself into. ive never doubted my convictions before and ive put a shitload of work in to get where i am now but this is pretty off-putting....

is this normal and something all young blokes go through or does it mean i probably wont have the bottle to make it through the training/deployments?

p.s im not worried about getting killed so much as losing bits of me and having to live with a handicap.


I've recently went through the selection process and am due to start basic on october the 18th.

Im sure everyone who enlists in the service life has pre joining anxiety. Its only natural. Knowing that you are going to be puting your life at risk when doing you're job. If you weren't scared or anxious about it you wouldn't be normal. I wouldn't worry if I was you, its a natural thing.

Out of curiousity, why wont the Australian army have you? If you dont wanna answer I'll understand.
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