pre-join fitness test

25.26 MPH

smogg_army said:
what speed do people run at on a treadmill to pass the 1.5 mile run ?
You need to be achieving 18.7 kph over a 24 minute period to simulate passing the 1.5 mile run. Intersperse this with eating nothing but chocolate covered brazil nuts for a week beforehand and you should be ok.


Depends what youre trying to join.

Apart from that just do the maths. The run is 2.4km, if you run at 10kmh that means 2.5 will take you 15mins. Take note of above though, you can use the treadmill for pacing but you will need to get on the road if you are going to pass.
Sorry to be a complete mong but when exactly do you do the pre selection fitness test? I.e. After or before BARB?

Cheers, Shake
A treadmill is significantly easier than on the road, so best just to find a 1.5 mile course and keep running it as fast as you can until you get the times you need.
Ok theres two seperate places people are talking about here as pre ADSC recruit selection is either on a look at life or by an AYT to see if your up to scratch to go to ADSC prior to your interviews and can be anywhere from a day to a week. I take it though your actually on about ADSC recruit selection at the ADSC which is conducted over two days at the ADSC depending on your location.

In all cases though when i was recruiting I was looking for under 9.40 for Para, under 11.30 for blokes and 12.30 for females as that it the guidelines the PSO's are looking for. Anywhere over that in my book is very poor and you would struggle at ADSC and also basic training. The other tests like chin ups, jerry can carry and static lift are in the fitness training manual and countless other threads on here and in the training wing. Your best advise though is from your recruiter.
The "pre selection fitness tests" that i done consisted of :

Icebreaker (not always)
1.5mile run (With half mile warmup)
My son has just successfully completed his ADSC at Pirbright. He had to run the 1.5 slow time then completed it best individual effort in 11.30 and was accepted into the RE. Dont bother with the runner, just get out onto the road.

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