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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Not that names have been confirmed, but I'm due too EOT in a few weeks, then POTL, then before I know it I'll be slapped on to a Pre-Cardre which I'm due to attend. Basically, I'm just after little information, and perhaps some hints.

    I know the cardre it's self is bulls hitty, but what about the pre-cardre? Is the aim of it to judge you're ability to take lessons, or your ability to operate as a soldier? Is it Cbt Engr based or basic infantry skill based?
  2. F uck me, you're barely f ucking dry, and fresh out of the wrapper and you're being stuck on a pre cadre after grubbing around in resources for 6months.... who's f ucking prostate have you been massaging you snecking little c unt?

    On a slightly more serious note though, mine was pretty much infantry skills and leadership/instructional training, very little in the way of combat engineering, and very little in the way of sleep.

    mind you, this was in 1989, so no doubt things have changed.

    get back into SHQ when you return to sigs in the UK and suck the OC off enough, and you'll be a staffie by Christmas.
  3. It does help when most of the Sappers are downgraded, and there was alot picked up last year. I think they're putting roughly 15 on from my (HQ)squadron, but only 6 places for the actual cardre. Even then most of the sappers have only been in the unit 12-15 months.
  4. ears open & mouth shut.
  5. If your pre-tour fitness was anything to go by (struggling with BPFAs), then prepare to die.

    Having said that, being intelligent enough to be nominated for a Pre-Cadre (note the spelling you mong), you have spent your free time during this op tour of yours hammering your fitness (where possible) and therefore you won't have a problem. Correct????

    And what knocker said. Keep your gob shut and put 110% effort in at all times.
  6. I never got the idea of a pre-cadre. whatever next? a course to "asses suitabiity for an RE JNCO Pre-cadre, prior to attending a real cadre".

    I did one in antrim in 87... and binned it, what a load of bull shoite. But just goes to show I probably wasnt ready for a cadre anyway.. got put on a cadre in 88 with less than a weeks notice and came third... pre-cadre... kak just get on with it I say.
  7. I believe it sorts out the w@nkers from the ones who will actually do something other than cry at the first beasting they get! IE: Day 1, minute 1! Did mine in '87, it was the "HARDEST CADRE EVER!" :wink:
    Probably helps not making the Badge, who put you on in the first place, look like a d*ck as well!
    Its a good idea, and gives the hopefulls a glimpse of what is coming their way!
    Good luck will need it!
  8. It's to ensure you'll not make the Squadron management look a bunch of cnuts should you fail it.

    Expect plenty of PT involving the basic tests and then some.. PFT, BFT usually reduce the numbers on it straight away.

    Get out running mate.

    Then there's basic abilities, they'll brush you up on all the MATTS and then take you a bit further to gauge whether you can retain knowledge. Anyone can pass CBRN but can you remember the stuff that they taught you last.. How many NAPS tabs.. the signs of blister agent poisoning, etc.. Navigation, resection, navigation without a compass, all that sort of stuff.. maybe even Corps History..

    No doubt a lot of infantry basics will be included, 6 section battle drills.. remember them? Cam and concealment.. etc etc all the footslogging stuff.

    You'll be given a few lessons no doubt, see how you act under an instructional situation.. parts of a Gerber is a good one to give.. 50 uses for a fag packet..etc

    They'll run you thru everything, score you, then at the end the top lot will go thru to the Cadre whereupon it'll all start again for them. 8O

    So NT is going on a PRECADRE Eh..

    Good luck young un. Remember.. above all else...

    Failure is not an option and you WANT to be a JNCO.
  9. BULLSH1T is just what it is about and to see how far you can be pushed before you loose your sence of humour! Although with are YOU are to teach other ALL the good skills YOU have learnt thus far?

    Perhaps sitting in the G1098 reading war comics is not a good method of training! Hell who knows these days, so much has changed since I was in Green Skin, eh GREASY?
  10. lol, there's been quite a few of those over the years, pretty sure mine was ;)

    Fatbadge is spot on with his description NT. All I can say is run until you die, then run some more. You'll look like a complete tw*t if the best you can do is +10:30 on the BPFA, which is almost certain to be your first parade timing for Day 1 of the pre-cadre.

    Edited to add: I cannot stress enough the fitness aspect enough. No matter how much of a bonehead you are, if you are as fit as possible everything else will be that much easier for you, as you won't be hanging out your bottom 90% of the time.
  11. I'm pretty sure mine was :wink: Haltern Trg area in January and the Cadre Staffy was Neil Devine. Looking back, i enjoyed every minute ... the lack of sleep, the thrashings, rushing your scran, the thrashings, the obligatory quick change parade and the thrashings. Great days!
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    If you want some straight advice NT then your squadron is putting you on a cadre far too early. You have been out of training less than a year, and do not have the experience to get the best from doing such a course. The worst thing is to be promoted too early, and f*ck up, because the regain from there is a lot harder than waiting a little longer to get there in the first place.
  13. Fair comment!
    It wouldnt do any harm to do the beat-up tho, but hang loose and get some experience and fitness first.
    I knew you were a sprog, but not that much of a sprog! :D
    And mine WAS the hardest Cadre EVER! :wink: :wink: :wink:
  15. Great Fitness is a huge bonus, but still not everything.....i remember a (nameless) mate who could anialate most at phiz.....but even super human fitness didn't help when he was caught running to the rear of a rover to check the brake lights after applying foot to brake pedal. F*cking hilarious, even after ten minutes....told him he'd only just missed the lights going off. worse was to come, because he continued to carry out his own 'unique' first parade check, even after we'd told him he had only just missed them (therefore confirming that they were working anyway). This is not an urban legend......36 in the early/ish 90's.

    Oh strange elastic multi use device (nickname) how we salute you. 8O