Discussion in 'REME' started by QManWpns, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. Results out 40 through so-far, 26 will be commissioned on IRC(LE) in till 50.
  2. QManWpns - Will you pse PM me a copy of the results. Ta.
  3. Sorry matey OPSEC and not withsatnding the fact Im one of the lucky 40 :D . You will receive in due course.
  4. I would have PM'd THAT info!!! OPSEC!!!]]

    Good luck though.
  5. The IRC(LE) thing isn't quite a done deal; the draft DIN from MS detailing the new policy hasn't been accepted by all of the A & S Directors as yet. Wait out.
  6. This is a done deal, not yet made public - why do you think only WO1s are elegible for application as of next year within our Corps. The DIN has been done and members of the RLC have been informed of this, watch out.
  7. By the way QManWpns - it wont be hard to narrow down the individuals for OPSEC when there is such a small number of gun bunnies that squeezed through..mmmmmm
  8. You are right members of the RLC have been informed - G1 MS in 1 Div has recently sent out an email to be passed to all LEs and those applying to inform them that the RLC had jumped the gun and that the policy had not been endorsed as yet. It probably will be, but........
  9. MMmm QMW I have also seen that signal it does say that DEME(A) will grant IRC(LE) commissions,well done to you mate for being one of the 40.I intend to apply next year. :)
  10. Qman, you couldn't send I a copy please, just out of interest. I am currently stuck where information like this is hard to get hold of. Ta very much
  11. Thought this may inform some of you who have posed the question, it comes from a very reliable C/S.


    Given the amount of recent information on the subject, it is understandable that we have received a number of queries regarding changes to Late Entry Terms of Service. Regrettably, whilst some areas of the new TACOS are still to be agreed DM(A), the authority for these changes, are reluctant to put any official or quasi-official information on wide circulation.

    I quote from DM(A): “Normally an Army Briefing note would have been sent out by now ahead of the DIN. All MCM Divs and A&SD have been kept fully up to speed with this process. What I said in my previous E mail stands and we cannot put anything into print to the wider audience until all areas of concern have been covered with A&SD and more work is required on the transitional arrangements. The general points in Packages 1, 2 and 3 can be briefed but the timescale for the DIN is as already given and should also be briefed, the devil in the detail will be published in an Army Briefing Note in due course prior to another draft DIN being circulated. That is where we are and the concerns of A&SD on capbadge specific issues have delayed further progress.

    The proposals are still proposals until officially released and that is why it will not be released until all avenues have been covered.

    As I say all A&SD and MCM Divs are aware of the delays and please be aware that some of the transitional arrangements may change to fit capbadge requirements. The official information will be published when complete but until then they are "proposed changes".”

    Therefore you are to ensure that, despite any direction from MCM desk officers, who are not the authority, any LEs requiring to convert their commission are to do so following existing rules and regulations.