Pre-emptive strike on American ships imminent?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Howler, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. A few cheery facts for everyone:
    a) Iran HAS the terrifying 'Sunburn (Moskit)' anti-ship missile.
    b) Iranian leaders are not stupid and know that if they wait for America to bomb them they will lose the upper-hand before hostilities start.
    c) They could destroy a good chunk of American military power in a series of surprise attacks, using the land based version of the Sunburn missile, against the American fleet in the Persian Gulf.
    d) Russia and China are desperate to know if the missiles are actually as effective as they think.
    e) The loss of a handful of destroyers and maybe a carrier may (May) see off the Americans due to lack of stomach for a fight.
    f) The Americans and British are very afraid of the Sunburn missile.

    Think Japs at Pearl Harbour, a pre-emptive strike was their only option.

    Chaps, this scenario worries me greatly even if e) isn't really a fact.
  2. Are we and the yanks very afraid of sunburn? Gosh, what is it and what does it do? Do the Navy know about it? Is it one of those thingies that the only defence is to reflag ie to some non 'Crusader Alliance' place?
  3. Methinks the Neocons would get shoot their load if that happened and up the ante somewhat by striking a killer blow to the Iranian Government/Military (well at least that's how it goes inside the neocon thinktank, the realworld being a whole other ballgame)
  4. And while Jonny Iranie is having fun making the squids and tars zig zag (or whatever they do these days) what is the USAF going to be doing?
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    That would be a smart move, let's think what would happen:

    NATO invokes article whatever it is.

    The US bombs the living sh1te out of Iran, including all the nuke facilities and oil export facilities.

    Iran is completely fcuked.
  6. Armchair_jihad,
    I'm not a munitions expert, but as far as I know it weaves violently and randomly for the last 2 or 3 miles at Mach 3, far more difficult to hit than any other anti-ship missile.
    Then shoots up vertically for about half a mile and comes down, again vertically, into the central mass of the ship. It is pre-determined to go for the carriers, but can attack vulnerable ships on the periphery of the fleet.

    I have been following the development of the Sunburn missile in relation to the China/Taiwan stand off
    I would like to hear why this frightening scenario is not possible, because I think they are going to hit us and soon.

    Then again it's a hot, boring Friday in Central Europe and I might just be spouting pish.
    By the way, can I make a donation to this site in foreign currency by bank transfer?
  7. Tehran knows only too well that that is the only excuse needed to redraw the World map in Shia blood, gloves off, not caring what the liberals say (as they would be interned as 5th columists).
  8. And check the donations FAQ part of the site
  9. NATO article 5:

    Would the Persian Gulf count as Europe?


    It would seem not...
  10. Well it is sitting on our oil
  11. oh feck...£4.00 a litre for Unleaded.... :(
  12. Since the missile flies at mach 2.2 at sea level and covers its range in 2 minutes - I don't think that it will be able to jink worth a damn since it would be flying too fast
  13. Which is why NATO didn't lift a finger in support of the UK in 1982, and the americans initially started to bat for the other side!
  14. I'm scared of it! I heard on ITN it can give you skin cancer.