Pre Empting The Result Of Irelands Referendum?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Coming_Man, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. That bastion of Socialism Baroness Snout in The Trough Kinnock has just announced that Tony Blair is the official nomination for the EU Presidency, a post which cannot be created until the Irish vote on the EU constitution in October.

    Seems to me that the ballot forms have already been filled in?
  2. Cronies Blair
  3. Let's hope that the Micks say no again!
  4. After they last voted No, I listened to an English EU Official explain that the Irish electorate had stupidly misinterpreted the question and would therefore be required to vote again, hence the upcoming vote.

    When asked what would happen should they vote No again the official explained that they would continue to be asked until they supplied the correct answer.

    New Labour do not care that they have destroyed this country and are bound to lose the next election, as they are all about to move to Europe and govern without the handicap of democratic accountability.
  5. If (And I pray that they do) the Irish say no, chances are we will have our election prior to ful ratification, there is no wa Lisbon will be implemented. Lets just hope the tories have some small modicum of honour regarding our referendum, though I doubt it.
  6. [​IMG]
    Smug satanic looking cock..

    If he even get's within pissing range of acceptence, I'll be switching to a no vote in the referendum here, and negativly in all future elections/referenda.
  7. Sorry,not a hope-Cyclops and the rest of the pack of slavering pro-EU jackals and hyenas are praying that the Irish vote Yes so that they can set a new world record for 'ratification' of the Lisbon 'treaty' BEFORE the next UK General Election,and probably so that Bliar can be installed as the EU President.Once that is done we can all kiss goodbye to the idea that the Britain is a sovereign nation forever,relegated as we will be to the status of an impotent and voiceless EU 'region' in accordance with the globalists' wishes.
  8. I think I can see smegma smeared all over that patently dishonest and war-mongering face!

    PS: Nobody will answer my question which is:

    If the turd becomes President (for life) of the European Soviet Union (unelected, unaccountable) does HM The Queen have to curtsey to Cherry 'the wide-mouthed freebie frog' Bliar?
  9. Don't you get the point?
    Even if Blair isn't in the frame and you vote yes in your referendum, from that point on you do not get any say in the matter.
    If, two weeks after you vote yes in a referendum Blair is installed as President there is didly squat you can ever do about it. Thats the whole point with the EU, we mere mortals son't get a say.
    Democracy my fooking arse, the whole of Europe is swinging steadily in the direction of dictatorship.

    More to the point, he is in the frame, you Irish have to say yes and then the post is created. You see? You won't know who you are getting as EU President until after you vote for the Lisbon Treaty
  10. That'll just mean that they'll be forced to vote again. Only this time the EU will threaten to cut off the subsidies that the Irish receieve. Bit like our government said that Manchester wouldn't get road funding if they fecked off the road pricing trial.

    It's all bolllox.
  11. Well then it'll have to be a dusting down of the French model of immediate Government replacement to solve the problem.

    anyone know how to build a guillotine? :?
  12. Excuse me, I'm British, I don't need a guillotine as a rope and a lampost is quite sufficient.

    Make no mistake PG, if you vote for the Lisbon Treaty this is what you are going to get. Who the new President of the EU will be is non of your concern and if they wish to appoint Mr Blair you'll just have to live with it.
    Do you not think that part of the deal for selling out the UK to the EU is a nice Presidency for Mr Blair. Its quite possibly already a done deal wether we like it or not.

    The Republic of Ireland fought long and hard for independence, do you really just want to give that all away?

  13. Im glad those cunts find it funny.

    Im not surprised seeing as how,when each ones career ultimately ends in failure,they can simply shuffle off to Europe with a clean slate and massive pay rise while the poor fuckers they purport to represent back home are taxed into oblivion.

    Blair can shit off,the warmongering traitorous cunt.
  14. I like the French style, it's creative.

    (1), yes....