Pre-Election Period - Watch What You Say!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldSnowy, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Without in any way suggesting we introduce censorship (I'm not a Mod after all) it's worth thinking about what we post for the next few weeks.

    The Military and Civil Service have now entered the official period of 'purdah', and the the general principle governing communication activities during a General Election is:

    "to do everything possible to avoid competition with Parliamentary candidates for the attention of the public. In addition, it has always been recognised that special care must be taken during the course of an Election since material produced with complete impartiality which would be accepted as objective in ordinary times, may excite criticism during an Election period when feelings are running high. The general principles apply equally to all Crown Servants, including Military personnel."

    So press reptiles will be even more interested in what Soldiers say than normal, and will be using this site to save themselves having to do more than minimal work.

    Be careful, is all I'd say. Don't give anyone an excuse to get this site banned/barred/blocked.
  2. So you too have read PUS' guidance on DII. I was more interested in:

    it has been decided that all releases of information – whether pro-active or in response to specific requests – must be cleared by the Permanent Under Secretary. Staff responding to FOI requests should consult their local FOI focal point for further guidance.

    Who polices the thought police?
  3. The Thought Police Thought Police?
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    So the Thought Thought Police must police the Thought Police, or is this the remit of a new, as yet unheard of organisation?
  5. dont let something simple like the truth be tucked away for the next month eh folks....?????
  6. Well I'm not serving so can still say what I like :D
  7. Thank god for freedom of speech, not like in those other countries...

    Oh hang on...
  8. If that's what you think...
  9. Do you think this will apply to BBC journalist?

  10. now theres a thought :D
  11. Does anyone think that Labour will play fair? They have robbed votes in Birmingham and have procrastinated and obstructed over votes for Service personnel! Defence is an issue and with the MoD in the state it is in - where lies are portrayed as truth - the public need to know the (anonymous) views of those in uniform and those who have retired.

    I would say post away, but post sensibly in a way that will not get you caught at this sensitive time. There are tales on other threads of warnings to avoid ARRSE but it is highly unlikely that anyone would be caught out unless their post is very specific, posted from a "work" account or contains classified information - the latter should be instinctively avoided by anyone serving or ex-serving in any case. "They" could in theory investigate but, given the resourses of the Feds and the 7,000+ forum members it is highly unlikely, particularly as serious human rights issues would be raised - conveniently at a very sensitive time!
  12. Just to add to my last post...

    Bliar is a Liar!

    Hoon is a Buffoon!

    Defence has been shafted under Labour!


    I'm ex-serving and don't care! My canvassing in a marginal seat starts shortly.....
  13. I'm ex, so balls to the thinking police. I've made my points about all polictial partys more than public.
  14. Interesting. A well-intentioned warning which is worth noting.

    I however would not personally take from this a warning to stop expressing anonymous personal opinions in an unofficial forum such as this. If it is wrong during the purdah period to express personal opinions, it was wrong before, the election makes no difference to that.
  15. Dont think, look into the eyes, not around them, in to them, look into the eyes! Now your under!