Pre-election bribery or a recognition of service?

Whatever it is, you can bet it will be "cost neutral"! :evil:

From the BBC:

'Troops' death pay set to rise'

Details 'will be finalised this month'
Compensation payments for British soldiers who are killed or wounded are to increase from April, the prime minister's official spokesman has said.
The move follows outrage from MPs over the different levels of handouts given to families of UK soldiers killed in Iraq compared to their US counterparts.

The spokesman said details of the package, part of pension reforms begun in 2003, would be finalised this month.

Reports claim families of UK troops get a 10th of that given to US victims.
This is the long promised change to the compesation package, which was promulgated last year. It is part of the new pension package, but separate, ie, you get it whether you choose to move to the new pension package or not.
Is that right minidvr? I was informed that only those who choose to transfer to the new pension scheme will get the enhanced compensation package?

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