pre develpoment course?

hello, i'm going on a one day pre development course at bramcote, just outside nuneaton, and would like to know what happens. I was given some info but it doesn't tell me that much. My main question being is it much like the two day selection at lichfield?
Have mine on Friday morning with my ACIO - activities involved are command task(s), 1.5mile run, ice breaker and the jerry can lift. Gives the recruiting team - and yourself - an idea as to your current level of fitness (if you're ready to be put forward for ADSC) & your confidence / how you carry yourself in group activities.

Were you provided with a brief / disclosure form for it? Has key points for you to cover for your mock ice breaker.
yea I done one of those its ok ....tbh I only when't for the 1.5 mile run all the other stuff is piss ...and the 20kg jerry cans Wtf ...what's the point in that there light as ****,
I did mine today, its easy, its basically like a downsized selection, you do your icebreaker, jerry cans, heaves, 1.5 run and command tasks, its just making sure your fit and confident enough for selection. Its exactly like selection but shorter its supposed to show you what to expect when you go to selection. you really should have been told about this all by your recruiter :p

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