Pre Deployment training

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by nursebrum, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. I need a bit of help for a presentation tomorrow! Short notice i know.

    Do the AMS do any specific pre-op training?

    I vaugely remember what happens on OpTag but it'd be good to have some refreshment.

    I have no training wing or anyone else available...this is BIRMINGHAM AFTER ALL!!!


    Thanks in advance
  2. 1) we do have some specific training, most units who are the lead element for say telic organise a Hospex at Strensall, where all the main areas of the hospital can work together and try to iron out any problem areas. Its mostly an admin one from some areas, such as Lab & X-ray but good for A&E, wards & HMC.

    2) Optag relates to depending on your rank, watching displays showing contact drills, RoEs, language classes, simple fire orders etc.
    3) Then of course there are MATTs or ITDs as they were!!
  3. I've served as a medic in a fld Hosp (34) so i know about those bits. What are Matts, and how are they different from ITD's? My brief is to new nurses so would they do Optag?

    Ta for he other stuff
  4. All ranks carry out Optag no matter what your job is. You also now take part in practising the drills taught and its up to you to practice and tailor them to suit when back in your unit.

    If you have no joy doing that then approach a AMS unit that has been on Optag recently and ask for assistance.

    MATT-Mandatory Annual Training Tests-Like ITDs but different name, different subjects. PM me for more info.

    Hope this helps. 8O
  5. If you want up-to-date information on predeployment trg, you could do a lot worse than trying to speak with one of yr former friends/colleagues at 34. They will have undergone this very trg quite recently methinks.

  6. Tactical Medical Wing are currently over-seeing the deployment of a hospital squadron (RAF) with 22Fd for Telic 8 :cry: .
    As an RAF nursey-type i can comment that in terms of pre-deployment training the following apply:

    CCS....NBC Tg, WHT, etc...
    RAF FT & H/A Tg prog.
    IDT...Tentage, blah blah
    IRT (2 weeks cat A, 4 days cat B)...Convoy/ambush drills, etc.

    Remember the obvious....different service, different terminology. However, i imagine the categories are broadly similar.
    I know there are shiny new RAF nurses at RCDM though, so the above may help now or in the near future. Cheers!
  7. What bit of Tactical Med wing is "Tactical" exactly ? Always baffled by the way The Blue Jobs tag "tactical" onto the front of things and then cut around like assorted Ryans and Mcnobs in assorted Flying suits assualt vests and holsters walt.

    Having said that It would be interesting to see how folk fair with Crab Med in charge at Shaiba comparred to recent tours. Methinks it may be a tad more relaxed...?
  8. The next Hospital PDT is in Strensall starting 25 Apr 06. I am sure that they would not mind visitors, I've heard that the exercise is pretty good.
  9. Headquarters Tactical Medical Wing is at RAF Lyneham and does include some high readiness deployable formations/personnel/kit - the RAFMS deployments all over the world are also part of TMW. Possibly doesn't answer the query!

    As for Shaibah - the RAF will only have command of the Hosp Sqn.... I believe the potential for differences of opinion with the CO UK Med Gp will be interesting!
  10. DARTS (Deployable Aeromedical Response Teams)

    1 Aeromedical Evacuation Sqn (Tac AE)

    3 Casevac Sqn (Battlefield evac)
  11. I suspect that these will mostly revolve, in time-honoured fashion, around the wearing of headgear, tucked-in v. untucked shirts, officers driving and similar trivia.
  12. Random vsitors are not welcome at HOSPEX. The poor b*ggers trying to practice their clincial team skills have enough trouble with all the high brass who like visiting. Scholesy or Mod, it's pretty poor opsec to reveal where and when a large body of soldiers are training before deployment to an op theatre. Please edit.

    nursebrum - I realize that you were on a short timescale, but you'd've got better, more up-to-date and more accurate information if you'd actually given HQ 2 Med Bde a call rather than asking on this forum.

  13. Why will it be interesting?? has the military rank structure changed in recent times. Not only that he's got plenty of experience with that unit.
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Have you started to do ITD's DL? Good luck there then.
  15. You are absolutely right it may not be - and in reality it shouldn't be. But given that they will be the same rank, that there was a proposal to rename the Fd Hosp 'RAF Hosp Shaibah', and a number of other issues it could still be.

    I'll be interested to see how it all fits together.