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Once again i'm off to do my duty in sunny places while those whinging MP T**ts rip us all off. I might submit a few JPA claims before i go to see if i get away with it, and if i get caught i can just hand the money back without being in trouble(YEH REALLY!!!).
However, before i go i have to be put through a load of pointless courses and spend even more time away from the long haired general and my binlids.
I've heard that tours may be put up to 7 or 8 months so that we don't have to do anything before we go. That 7 or 8 months will include all the PDT bits and sounds like a good idea to me. I think that by the time i come back i will have done around 10 months away for a 6 month tour.

But will it work for the REME and the courses we have to do for all the new kit going into theatre? I Stand by for incoming!

:x :x :x

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