Pre Deployment Training run by OPTAG

Is the PDT run by OPTAG valuable to trained soldiers?

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Having just attended the pre-deployment training ran by the OPTAG team down at the lovely LYDD, just a few things to get off my chest.

Lowest common denominator: Although i appreciate that this training is aimed at the lowest common denominator of the British Army, i personally find it a bit of an insult being taught A-Z and SCRIM, amongst other things such as contact reports and the like.

Instructor enthusiasm: Can't fault the training team (CSgt's) on their enthusiasm in the face of adversity i.e. numerous TA soldiers who blatantly don't give a toss about the training and demonstrate the mentality of a trained chimp.

TA Soldiers: As previously mentioned, perhaps it should be considered running a seperate package for these numptys (it is accepted however that there was a minority of TA soldiers who were a credit to themselves).

Regs letting down their Units: Some regular soldiers were doing themselves no favours by letting themselves be sucked into a don't give a monkeys attitude about the training.

MoD covering their ARRSE: Any thoughts on the reason this training became compulsory, perhaps an exercise in covering ones arrse...

Your thoughts are appreciated.
OPTAG should provide refresher and Operation specific training. Just because you think you are a trained soldier and know everything, that may not be the case.... in fact, it's normally the ones who think they know it all and don't bother listening to the instructors, that don't know much at all.
well speaking for everyone else that attended optag with myself i think that it was a great laugh. Get drunk every night and sleep through the lessons.

I enjoyed it but not for the right reasons i suppose.
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